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  1. LifeBegins@What???

    The other stage ghost

    Did they offer a cloning service.. Missed that one...
  2. LifeBegins@What???

    Glastonbury flu

  3. LifeBegins@What???

    What made you smile ?

    Forgot about this one. The man in front of me (one on left ) trying to fit in a binbag then later on the same bloke chucked a bog roll in the crowd which just stayed rolled-up as it flew across the crowd..
  4. LifeBegins@What???

    Post your favourite picture from this year

    My midnight snack.. And wednesday t-time up the hill / mountain..
  5. LifeBegins@What???

    Overheard funnies

    Overheard at royal blood. we was standing on the right near the harris fencing when two americans turned up. they were there about 10/20 mins chatting to this other couple near us then the the man started talking to his partner saying something like they supposed to be on now.. so this is what me and my daughter hear : american man : is this the john peel stage man : no this is the pyramid american man : are you sure man : yes john peel stage over there (points over to right) american man : o yeah now i look at it.. it do resemble a pyramid my daughters look on her face was like wtf how can you not tell that is the pyramid stage.
  6. LifeBegins@What???

    Interesting that there’s not much discussion of Ed Sheeran

    We watched biffy then went off for a drink and heard Dj luck and Mc neat at pussy parlure and stayed at that then headed towards the unfairground stopped of at some bar had a shot of jagermeister and decided to check out the rest of se corner and then finished the night off at arcadia.. i'm glad we did as it was the best night we had as it was not busy..
  7. LifeBegins@What???

    What made you smile ?

    My daughter had i'm with stupid t-shirt on and i had my i'm a jenius t-shirt on. Put a few smiles on people's faces and cheered my daughter up as she was a bit down as she had blisters..
  8. LifeBegins@What???

    Cabaret Field bar, Wednesday 6pm: eFestivals meet

    Been thinking for past couple weeks if to pop in and say hello ( if we can find it ). Feel a bit more better after reading this. Hopefully i'll knock back some jd ( dutch courage ) after i've set the tent up and we'll have a wonder over. We should be arriving around 15.30 ish.. If i can survive the 5.30hr coach journey without turning into a sweaty mess surely i can make it to the meet..
  9. LifeBegins@What???

    Yeo Valley

    Chuffed now i can get one at last.
  10. LifeBegins@What???

    Yeo Valley

    This link show's it but now i'm thinking maybe they didn't update this one as it's old news ,http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/2017-tickets-on-sale-in-october/ . Gutted again..
  11. LifeBegins@What???

    Yeo Valley

    Don't no if it's been mentioned but the bags are back..
  12. LifeBegins@What???

    Oh look, a handy walking times guide

    Didn't mean to imply that he was drunk. As years and years ago i've walked out of pubs after a red witch drinking sessions and when the fresh air hit me i've ended up at the bar again as my balance was slightly off.
  13. LifeBegins@What???

    Oh look, a handy walking times guide

    Definitely gonna be me next week then .
  14. LifeBegins@What???

    Oh look, a handy walking times guide

    How many minutes should i add to walking if i ended up like this guy. I've not drunk alcohol in over a year so there might be a slight possibility this could be me next week..
  15. LifeBegins@What???

    Does anyone know of anyone who's been refused entry to Glastonbury?

    Hope they not too picky as i haven't got any ID. the ticket is only ID i got. NO wait i got a sky bill.