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  1. The XX and Radiohead headlined in 2017 and were also at Coachella in the same year. I saw Childish Gambino was at Coachella this year so I’m really hoping he plays open’er!
  2. I went to Open’er as a gamble in 2016 and absolutely loved it. It’s so refreshing and better than U.K. festivals which are just full of 14 year olds. I suppose it’s down to everyone’s personal preference but it’s my go to festival now, I love it!
  3. Does anyone know why there’s so much secrecy about the line up this year? This is only my third time but usually there’s some announcements by now ?
  4. Set up our tent today and they were very thorough when searching bags. I managed to sneak in a bottle of vodka last year. Anyone got any tips other than wrapping it in a sleeping bag
  5. Hi guys, does anyone one know what's happening with the ticket swaps for a wristband? The Facebook is posting updates but the translation isn't great. I'm here in Gdansk but wanted to go and put my tent up tomorrow (27th) but don't know if I'll be able too? Anyone got better info?
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