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  1. Cancelling summer European tour due to so called "virus impact on the health of fans, band and crew" and still playing shows in USA, country with the highest numbers, is a top point of hypocrisy, if you ask me.
  2. Despite the lack of Faith No More and QOTSA it's still great line-up nonetheless. With two mentioned above it would be stellar, but it's not nearly as bad as many people write here 😕
  3. Good old marketing tool, to let people think that they see something they shouldn't 😀
  4. I recommend you to give him a listen if you like modern Justin Timberlake. Some Robbie Williams vibes too.
  5. Absolutely yes, but IMO it'll be too expensive.
  6. This. And if we remember that price of weekend tickets for 2020 edition started with 60 euros…
  7. Great lineup, one of the best of 2022 European season IMO.
  8. These IMO aren't that bad and even good, but yes, I would pay extra if it guarantees that Megan thee Stallion won't be there.
  9. Ezra is nowhere near headliner in mainland Europe, he opened the main stage when played Sziget in 2017. Disclosure probably will close after some arena-sized act (like Kygo after Shawn Mendes). Bastille play there once in every two years so it's almost a certainty.
  10. Shared some names in 2019 (Florence, Razorlight, Franz Ferdinand, Jax Jones, Elderbrook, Idles).
  11. They actually play Garorock on July 1st, so Paris is their last European date as for now.
  12. In 2016 Sziget got Hardwell for the end show, #2 on DJ Mag Top 100 back then. It was the worst EDM set I've ever seen 🙃
  13. Dua Lipa / Major Lazer (joint headliners) Kings of Leon Calvin Harris / A$AP Rocky (joint headliners) Nick Cave / Stromae (joint headliners) Tame Impala Coldplay
  14. I think it's more of an image thing - he headlines big one day event on a festival venue in his native country, it's a great way to come back. After he agreed to play this show persuade him to do some others probably was easier.
  15. I think Stromae will definitely be there, and Tame Impala probably step in for The Strokes.
  16. If The Strokes really support RHCP on their US tour could we also get both of them for RW?
  17. TBH can't see many changes in comparison to 2020 lineup. Most of announced headliners can be moved to 2022 (and probably will be due to contracts) - Dua Lipa, Calvin Harris, Kings of Leon. The only question is about The Strokes, but I hope in the end they'll be able to make it. IMO, Major Lazer should be downgraded to sub, and if so we have only two headline slots left - one for the "biggest artist" and another one. Hope there will be more joint headliners, as The National / Macklemore or Foo Fighters / twenty on pilots!
  18. He was supposed to play in 2020.
  19. Metallica is on Friday, can't see The Strokes being suitable for that day. On the other hand there is Pearl Jam, and if The Killers can play before them why The Strokes can't...
  20. I think they'll keep at least 7 headliners, as in 2019 they had 9 (TOP / FF and The National / Macklemore on the same day).
  21. Unfortunately, today's poster with the addition of "F" breaks it a little.
  22. Great headliners, my congratulations to promoters and everyone who'll attend. Had tickets for 2020 edition, but unfortunately won't be able to be there in 2022.
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