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    Volunteering 2022

    To be honest I loved the site of The Shelter campsite, it’s actually nearest to where I used to camp in my early Glastonburies, that you can’t get anywhere near now. We were always somewhere round what became Lost Vagueness and then Shangri La, but camping round there was gradually shunted out. I love coming in through the cabaret fields, being nearest to them and Avalon & Acoustic, not too far to West Holts, before you know it at the Glade. As for noise at night, at Glastonbury I find I am always tired enough to sleep after the first night, & I am better with the steady noise of the night stages, than a quiet field being randomly disturbed by people getting home at different hours of the night. I think it’s a great spot.
  2. The first Glastonbury I took my (now) husband to. Frustrating. I wanted to let him wander and discover it for himself rather than me showing him everything , but every time we were approaching something I knew he would love, he seemed to take a different turn. I wasn’t sure how to tackle this as I didn’t feel he was ‘getting it’ in the way I had hoped. The next day we looked at who was on and he really wanted to see Men They Couldn’t Hang & I really wanted to see Mad Professor. So I walked across the site most of the way with him, pointed him in the right direction, & wandered back for a Mad Professor. I didn’t see him again for about 8 hours, when he re-appeared wearing a bin liner as a skirt, having spent much of the afternoon watching Hungarian folk music in the pouring rain in the cabaret field, and saying ‘I’ve been trying to buy a hat all day but apparently I’ve got a very small head’. 20 years later we remain together and have hardly missed a Glastonbury, & will always have a patch during the weekend when we go off and do our own thing.
  3. amfy

    Volunteering 2022

    When I volunteered for Shelter in 2017 I lived in Birmingham & none of the pick ups were particularly convenient but about equidistant, so I went for Bristol because at least it was on the way to Glastonbury. Train fares to London are also more expensive than travelling to anywhere else, it is just one of those weird anomalies in rail pricing. Nonetheless, I contacted them & asked if they’d consider putting on a slightly later coach from Bristol, to enable people travelling from a distance to avoid peak fares or overnight hotels, and they actually did this so I managed to travel down on an off peak fare. I thought they were brilliantly flexible and considerate! (Other than the whole having to go on a coach thing in the first place but that’s just how they get you in) Its incredible to see that they can be this dismissive of their volunteer’s logistics this year! I’m amazed at the arrogance of it.
  4. amfy

    Volunteering 2022

    You can leave after your last shift, but you won’t know your shift pattern til you get there. The latest it can be is overnight on Sunday finishing at 8am. (The earliest I am not so sure of but there is a shift pattern on this thread somewhere which would help.)
  5. Honey Dijon is excellent.
  6. It was used in a closing compilation on the big screens at The Pyramid after Stevie Wonder.
  7. Sziget is a Glastonbury like festival with loads going on. However, it is easy to get into the city and you really should because it’s fabulous. Get a boat down the river. You can also nip in on the train but for tourism the boat is better. The next island down has a fantastic modern spa with loads of different pools, set in landscaped gardens. It’s a great place to spend a day on holiday. There are also older spas with spectacular architecture. It’s good to go up to the Liberty statue because the views of the city from up there are amazing. Both times we have been before, and this time, we have gone for a couple of days either side, but the main acts start quite late in the day (about 4pm) so it is fairly easy to pick a day or two out of the festival for daytripping.
  8. Me too, because I predict that at Glastonbury they’ll play The John Peel Tent & you won’t be able to get anywhere near it!
  9. Yes it does. It is slower as mentioned above, but for me, it’s the best way to come into the festival. The trip up the river is just spectacularly beautiful.
  10. amfy

    Volunteering 2022

    Tell me that again at about 3.30am on Monday morning!
  11. amfy

    Glastonbury Veteran

    Out of those I’ve only done 2011 and it wasn’t as bad as 97,98, or 07.
  12. amfy


    I have definitely got used to carrying the wet wipes (biodegradable) and pocket tissues to give it a ‘bit of a tidy up’ if needed. I usually leave them better than I found them! The people who mess it up for everyone are those who hover, because they tend to wee (or even shit) all over the seat. Give it a wipe and sit down. The very worst people are those that line the seat with toilet paper and leave it there, all soggy - please don’t be that person. People dislike that in the long drops you can look down to see what literally EVERYONE else has done, but at least it is some distance down. When the portaloos clog up, the situation in terms of other people’s doings is far more grim. The rooflessness of the long drops is also a distinct advantage over portaloos in terms of the smell.
  13. Love that final line! The medical stuff if crazy - on ketamine the punters can be flat out on the floor in seconds, and back up just as quickly! For most collapses, a bit of room and a bit of water is enough, but it doesn’t feel like that at the time. The person’s friends will all be panicking too, and then as soon as they get back up they’ll all be back on it! It is bonkers! The one thing that really impressed me was how many were prepared to queue, for quite some time, to get their drugs tested at The Loop. This should be everywhere!
  14. Oh my lord! Thanks for digging that up! 🤣
  15. amfy

    Volunteering 2021

    I actually think you’d need 2 tents! As Oxfam volunteers we arrive before the gates open and at that point you’d have to cap in the Oxfam field. As some people have said, you can’t be noticed leaving for the main site as they would think you were trying to do a runner from your shifts even if you weren’t, & camping in the Oxfield is one way they keep track of those who do. Once you were in the main site it’d be harder to cancel your wristband as you no longer need to go in and out and get your wristband scanned.
  16. We have previously stayed in the coast in Dorset for a couple of days before. This is a lovely thing in itself! We’ve stayed at Charmouth and Beer which are both only about 40 minutes from the site in a direction that dodges a lot of traffic.
  17. amfy

    Volunteering 2021

    I’ve worked for both and prefer Oxfam largely for being able to take my caravan whereas the coach package for Shelter means that you have to camp. It’s also a bit of a hassle to get to one of the pick up points with all your kit. Nonetheless, I managed all of that and it was fine. I like Shelter’s camp position better - it’s noisy (near SW corner) but I was easily tired enough to sleep! I had a hideous shift pattern : Friday 10-6; Saturday 6-2am; Sunday 4 - midnight ..& our bar at The Glade was chaotic, and on Saturday it was full of coked up knobheads. .....but I still had loads of fun & would do it again! The camaraderie behind the bars is fabulous, & there are lots of better shift patterns than the one I got! x
  18. Shiine On festival in Budapest next month has been cancelled because of the war. I wonder if this reflects on Sziget’s chances of going ahead?
  19. Definitely more of a drinkers festival tbh. Maybe because it has such an international crowd so many need to pass customs.
  20. amfy

    Glastonbury 2022 - Solo

    You actually already have the perfect way to do Glastonbury. When you are there with others, there is so much going on that whatever you land at you either end up wanting to hang about somewhere because you are enjoying it, but have a nagging feeling the person you’re with doesn’t, OR, want to move on & see what else is happening but think the person you’re with, looks to be really into it where you are. When you are on your own, you can stay where you want to stay, & move when you want to move. There is always someone to talk to nearby, in fact, there’s usually someone who will joyfully hug you! However, on my own I have always missed just having someone to chat to about my day when I get back to my tent at the end of it - & you have that too. Its going to be perfect!
  21. amfy

    Volunteering 2021

    I like C. Its strange how many different preferences there are maybe we should state a preference and see to what extent everyone could get what they choose?
  22. We have got into a spa on our city-pass & gone again because full price was really not that expensive by UK standards. Similarly had loads of boat trips on the same pass. You are right that it is generally still cheap by western standards. We found only the occasional restaurant was as expensive as back home, but eating out, & drinking was largely cheaper. The weather, has been hot but glorious, and the kind of temperatures that UK holiday makers pay for in summer months right across the med. If The Ukraine knock on effect is bad enough to affect Sziget we’ll all be claiming our flights back on our insurance anyway!
  23. If they’ve already paid for flights they may as well come and just enjoy Budapest. It’s a terrific place to spend a week in summer regardless, & they could just see how they get on with the festival and do bits of it or find they get into it once they are there. Do boat trips on the river, visit some ruin pubs, tour the city, go to the spa pools - on the island next door and there’s a brilliant pool spa centre with a restaurant & bar - just swim & drink in the sunshine. Absolutely no point in not going as Hungary is pretty cheap once you’re there.
  24. amfy

    Volunteering 2021

    The payment issues messed some people up. Two of my friends wanted Bearded Theory & one got it but the other struggled with her card & missed out. So, the one that got it cancelled her place and they have both gone for something else.
  25. She’s genuinely delighted and I’m so pleased for her. She actually has an amazing back catalogue and a great voice. it was a good category where almost anyone could have deserved it but glad she got it.
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