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  1. Similar to others. We are now 57 & 59 & really looking forward to going again having gone twice previously around 2016 in our earlier 50s. There is no getting away from it being a predominately young festival, but it is so friendly and lovely that it’s never an issue. We met so many fantastic youngsters from all over the world who happily drunk, sung and danced with us, that it wasn’t so much a case of ‘not feeling old’ but just feeling really comfortable and accepted with being the age we are & that is actually even better! I have been to Primavera Porto & Nos Alive Lisbon & it is incomparably better than either of those. Definitely worth getting a flat in the city - ridiculously cheap especially if you book now, and centre your search around Margrit Hid - it places you an easy train journey for the festival, but also close to the city, the river, the sights. For many British festivals the camping is part of the vibe, & whilst that would also be the case here, the boats and trains in and out of the festival, as well as the city itself all have ‘the vibe’ too. come along - you will love it x
  2. Go to Sziget - you won’t regret it. There’ll be some decent headliners and a decent undercard....& but none of that’s the main thing - it’s one of the best festivals you could ever be at... a proper WORLD party in a fantastic city. Every person you meet is from somewhere else, so much to explore on the island & in the city. A Glastonbury level of life changer. Don’t hesitate.
  3. Ed might have been at the last Sziget, but it will still be a 3 year gap - so who knows? We have booked for next year on the Prime release, but I have to tell you that I was somewhat surprised to then come here and find you discussing potential headliners! I had read this.... https://www.maximaltrips.com/blog/sziget/sziget-headliners & with a double headline of ‘The Sziget headliners 2022 are amazing!’, I read the list as being next years headliners, completely missing the bit where it said ‘this is who they had booked for 2020!’ Anyway, it’s done now, and between the overall vibe of the festival, the overall amazingness of Budapest, & the fact that they always book some decent acts along with some weird and wonderful stuff from across the continent that I have never heard before, I have no regrets! See you there! 🙂
  4. amfy


    I got into a lot of trouble online for suggesting that a lot of the problem was people not flushing, but it was. I noticed, not only at BD but at other festivals this year, that there is nothing to tell people that the loos flush. A handle is a good clue, but lots have a concealed foot pedal & people literally don’t know they are flushable! I honestly believe lots of portaloos would be loads better if there was a simple set of instructions on flushing!
  5. Yes - but it isn’t usually like this and I think the pressure of pulling it together in the 4 weeks since July 19th was greater than they could have envisaged.
  6. There was a real issue sorting out toilets. They did arrive in a horrible state and were bad before the festival even opened on Wednesday night! If anything they improved as the festival went on, but still not great. On Wednesday night there were hardly any toilets on site (apparently due to a last minute let down). It is easy to believe that someone got on a phone to someone at Boardmasters and simply said something along the lines of ‘I don’t care if they haven’t been cleaned, we’ll deal with that when they get here, just get them over to us!’......& then when they got there tried their best but it was too much!
  7. We had to show a double jab on the app or a negative LFT within 48 hours before arriving and again after another 72 hours. Someone on our shift felt ill and tested positive on Sunday morning. Him and his family had come straight from Boardmasters. They were immediately taken off site and the rest of our shift were tested immediately during the shift, & everyone else was asked to test before going on shift after that. So - there were precautions, but a positive can take a few days to show up so it can only reduce risk not eliminate it.
  8. A lot of festival staff went from Boardmasters to Beautiful Days, and that may be an issue - vendors, volunteers, security, especially with these 2 festivals being geographically close. In fact, regardless of proximity, a lot of festival staff are moving from festival to festival now in general - heading to the IOW as we speak!
  9. amfy


    To be fair Beautiful Days has had the most incredibly spotless and well resourced loos for so many years that the regulars do absolutely expect there to be loo paper. I think people’s anger and disappointment was worse because it was so out of character for this festival, but for me that was why they deserved a bit of leeway instead of people immediately calling them rip off merchants for not having this sorted in this difficult year. This isn’t a festival that stops caring as soon as you’ve paid for your ticket, they really try to give people a good experience and will be sorry that people struggled with this, especially with so many young families. I also find this odd as I don’t only carry loo paper (well - pocket tissues) at festivals, but on nights out to pubs, and even out shopping. In my experience you can’t rely on loos anywhere to have clean seats or toilet roll & it’s a pretty basic precaution imv.
  10. We asked for straw or wood chip at The Big Top on Sunday morning as it was lethal, but we were told that the site itself does not allow the festival to use anything like that because it hampers the grounds returning to normal. We were reduced to trying to catch punters as they slithered in and around the tent!
  11. I haven’t camped at Sziget but I camped at many UK festivals for many years and very much see camping as part of being at (or ‘in’) a festival. However, I disagree that at Sziget the deciding factor in camping or staying offsite is whether you are there for the ‘line up’ or ‘the festival’. We have stayed in the city when we have gone to Sziget mainly because we are a bit older and couldn’t deal with sleeping in a tent in that heat, but staying in the city is an amazing experience of its own for people of all ages. Budapest is a truly amazing city, and travelling into the festival by boat is spectacular. Loads of people travel in daily and the journey in and out is very much part of the day with a fantastic sense of community too. At the festival itself, of course we like to see several of the bigger names, but we also love exploring the whole Island, the installations, the political workshops which dig deep into key questions for Hungary about refugees and LGBTQ, the games and activities, and of course, our favourite Sziget thing, small stages with some obscure Eastern European, gypsy punk reggae which half the crowd know word for word in a language you don’t understand but you just catch their joy and join in! I may be offsite, but I’m there for the festival and we really do festival!
  12. Same here. I got to meet Hot Chip, Swim Deep, Goat Girl and Lucy Blue briefly. I had to go and find Alice from Dream Wife for someone, & Maisey Adam the comedian stopped and chatted to us for quite a while.
  13. Beautiful Days is a fantastic family festival. It’s not as big as Glastonbury so getting around isn’t such an issue with small children in tow. Even at the main stage there is always room and it’s easy enough to get in and out even at headline times.with some kind of buggy/trolley contraption.... ...but more than that it is a great festival for adults which is absolutely made for kids. It is a joy to see kids running round loving having old fashioned childhood summers - listening to story time in the woods, climbing trees, learning magic, enjoying fancy dress... .....& it’s quiet at night, & there are showers in the campsites which aren’t miles away, which have queues, but not ones that are miles long. .....sometime between about maybe 4/5 to 8/9 years old is a lovely times for kids to experience Beautiful Days.....& a year or two later they’ll be ready for Glastonbury. I know lots of people take Kids to Glastonbury a lots sooner, but the OP & others will find far less compromise necessary at Beautiful Days, even with a baby.
  14. I was trying to think of something different and thought I might try and go as Marcus Rashford. Then I thought about what that would entail, and that wearing a Man Utd shirt wasn’t even the worst part, & it’s definitely not my brightest idea! Back to the drawing board!
  15. I was really lucky with the shifts I got & I did value it. I hope you have better luck at Wilderness! Although it can be a great gig, I do think they should give arena platform shifts to the same people all weekend. It was really noticeable that security on the arena platform had really got to know their customers and became able to meet their needs and communicate with them really well. I turned up halfway through the final shift and felt like I was miles behind where I should have been in terms of looking after people well.
  16. I got pinged and went for a PCR and did declare that I had been at a test event in the application. It was negative.
  17. He told me his name and position and I remember his name, but I’ve no wish to follow it up tbh. It was just the contrast between poor customer service in all the areas that mattered, & then making a fuss about that.
  18. The complaint was from an FR person. He really shouted at me. I had put my coffee down and was only sipping it when there were gaps between customers yet he started by shouting ‘what do you think you’re doing? What if you throw it over a customer?’. I tried to assure him that I hadn’t drunk it anywhere near a customer but then he just started shouting ‘It just doesn’t look nice’. So I just started saying ‘Sorry’ repeatedly to just stop him going on at me - but he kept shouting until eventually he was shouting ‘There’s no need for you to be sorry, you have nothing to apologise for. You’ve done nothing wrong!’ But he was still shouting - right in my face with no mask (I was wearing one due to my position in pre- festival covid clearance). I was thoroughly pissed off for about half an hour after that tbh. in terms of network, I was hotspotting customers off my phone and data to get them through. I couldn’t have been more helpful. Those are the things customers remember, not ‘she was sipping a coffee when I came round the corner’. I’m glad some other stewards had a better experience of ‘helping’ on day one though. It didn’t sit right. You partially do this to ‘give something back’ not to be part of a rip off and it left a bit of a sour taste for me so I’m happy that it was better at some other gates.
  19. Working for Oxfam I found Thursday pre- entry checks heavy going. Lots of people arriving with us who had been mis-directed several times to add ons they had paid a lot of money for. People paid £100 for ‘pink parking’ ‘close to their tent’ & walked further than they would have done if they hadn’t. 2 women with 5 kids between them who had been sent one ticket short and then an email saying they could pick up the other ticket on the gate, sent from pillar to post with all their luggage (& kids) in the heat when surely they could have just sent an e-ticket, or let them stay at one gate whilst WE went and sorted it. Older people being made to walk round in circles to prove their covid status when the NHS app went down. No flexibility - we tried accepting the little blue card with photo ID but were told to stop - 70 year old doing this are not on a blag ffs! Yet whilst they took the money & didn’t seem to care about people’s actual experience, I was yelled at for sipping at the coffee Oxfam brought round for us, in between customers, because ‘it doesn’t look nice’. So all of that coloured the rest of the festival a little for me. Style over substance. I thought Friday would be my worst shift as it was an ‘Emergency Exit Gate’ but ended up being moved around between the BBC Sounds and Obelisk. Got to see a good chunk of Mabel on my break, was on the viewing platform for Hot Chip & danced my socks off (probably more than was appropriate although we are told that as stewards people like to see us dancing). During that afternoon I spent a lot of time on the production gate and met Swim Deep, Hot Chip, Goat Girl and others. The comedian, Maisie Adam, chatted with us for a good while and was really lovely (she is the mod one from the panel shows). That shift flew! Saturday was our day off and was amazing. Started with Nadia Rose who was great fun, and this was the point where I felt pretty emotional as I watched my first non-working gig. Just watching young people jump and dance was a truly beautiful thing. Then of course, Rudimental and The Chemical Brothers just lit the place up. Out of anything you could have given me after all those months of nothingness, The Chems would have been my choice - everything that you would want in a crowd and a show. There’s nothing I can add to what’s already been said. Sunday - Well, ‘What Did You Expect’ from the Vaccines. Had to be there & summed the whole thing up when Justin said ‘I feel like I won a competition to have my old life back for a day’. You also know exactly what you are getting with The Vaccines - always one great pop tune after another, even the ones you don’t know yet, you know by the first chorus. Happy times. Last shift was supposed to be The Comedy tent but ended after Jo Brand - who was lovely and fun, but I think comedy is always really hard at a festival because there is always so much background noise. Then we got moved to the viewing platform on the main stage and we’re around for Bombay Bicycle Club and Bastille. Found Bastille incredibly disappointing. I’m not a massive fan but caught part of their Glastonbury set a couple of years ago and it looked great fun, but the whole ‘re-orchestrated’ thing seemed to be the sound of them spending an hour and a half disappearing up their own arse. Ended the festival very very tired. Got pinged on the way back but been for a PCR and it’s negative. Feet still hurt. Really glad I went in the current circumstances. I had a great time and consider myself really lucky to have been there, but overall, Latitude doesn’t have enough for us to do that 8 hour drive again in normal times.
  20. It’s certainly looking like it! I am getting remarkably close to allowing myself to get excited!
  21. Oxfam volunteers have had a notification email today with some preliminary check in information for Beautiful Days. It arrived even before today’s government announcement. It tells us what time to get there, the directions, and that we might be asked for negative lateral flow tests so to be ready to provide one.
  22. Whilst the criteria for choosing Latitude over Kendal wasn’t made explicit, I’d guess that the infection spikes in Lancashire had quite a big bearing in the decision to choose Latitude. Loads of people from Lancashire go to Kendal. Latitude on the other hand is out on a limb in an area where infections are low. Not only would there be a better chance of Latitude not causing or increasing a spike, if there was a spike emanating from Latitude, it’d be really obvious.
  23. This is seriously odd because it has ALWAYS been a requirement/polite to wipe down gym equipment after using it. It speaks volumes about some people’s paranoia about the ‘plandemic’.
  24. amfy

    BRIT Awards 2021

    I’m not doubting you, it’s just a source of endless amazement to me in current popular music that when you listen hard, you can hear originality, and decent tunes, but it is all smoothed out so that it’s impossible to distinguish anything interesting. If she produced it herself, that would be .......I don’t even know....ironic or something? .....but believable with the way things are.
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