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  1. @Penrhos regarding volunteering and special requirements to accommodate for your health condition, I know that Oxfam are generally really good. I volunteered last year and a girl was allowed to sit down during her entire shift, because of club foot I believe. Get in touch with them in advance, and they will almost definitely sort you out. On a general note, will there be a separate thread for competitions again or is that all discussed in here?
  2. Just gonna throw The Strokes into the mix, because I like to be disappointed like that
  3. https://twitter.com/Sarii15G/status/1068227389812035584 23 confirmations, maybe they'll announce something today after all...
  4. I'm way too lazy to work out their hints, so cheers to whoever works them out so fast and shares the love.
  5. I don't want to hype people up unnecessarily, but I also had a look into who All Points East follows on Twitter... They've followed Run Music today and they're Run The Jewels' PR or management company. AND RTJ follow the festival on Twitter too. This must be a recent thing, because it came up as the last account they follow......... Could they possibly play the festival or am I grasping at straws here? EDIT: My bad, APE is one of their followers, it just came up first because I follow them I guess. Still, a girl can dream
  6. Just had a quick on Goldenvoice’s Twitter for clues and these are the artists they’re promoting from September to December...
  7. Oh and just to get the thread going a little bit more....
  8. Jared Followill (think he's the drummer in Kings Of Leon) just liked Grimmy's tweet about the announcement tomorrow. Just saying.
  9. I'm pretty sure Modern Baseball are on indefinite hiatus.
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