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  1. Jungle - Loving in Stereo with honorable mention to Little Simz and Killers. This might change tomorrow when Adele unleashes her record of emotional bangers.
  2. Another shoutout for The Outlaws - just finished episode 3 and thoroughly enjoying it.
  3. I saw The Killers at the O2 back in 2012 - they opened with Mr Brightside, house lights still on, people still filtering in to the arena. Was a bit bizarre and assumed it was a taster for the encore later on. Nope.
  4. Is that the age range of the crowd there to watch Ellie Goulding?
  5. Has that been announced or insider knowledge?
  6. Any idea where these might be? He was down to do Glastonbury in 2020 and said in a recent interview he had no plans to tour next year but would do special one off's like Glasto or TCT if he was asked. I'm guessing any outdoor shows will tie in to Glasto warm ups on that basis and he will be at the farm pre Macca?
  7. I'd hope he would be there both nights if he's going to do it, especially as you mention with them having done some work together, I've got a ticket for the Saturday. I missed RA when Liam did Finsbury Park (he wasn't billed as support but it was the worst kept secret he was going to play) because of the shocking state of the bars - I had been in the queue for an hour and was nearly at the front when he came on so didn't want to give up by then. He also mentioned this morning that when he played the London Palladium a couple of weeks ago they did their record highest bar takings in a night ever 😆
  8. Dickie Ashcroft was on Virgin Radio this morning. Chris Evans asked him about supporting Liam at Knebworth and he said he'd be up for it then quickly changed the subject...
  9. Also imagine a few people bought tickets for the Saturday thinking that would be the last ever live show....
  10. For me, as a stand alone episode, its up there with the very best from any series I've watched. A tough watch but my god there were so many layers to it.
  11. I'm not a fan of golden circle set ups at the best of times but with Adele what's there to actually see? She just stands there belting out the tunes - surely being further back is fine for the sake of an extra £160?
  12. Dammit, got Foo Fighters on 30th June and GnR (rolled over from 2020) on the 2nd July. I'm already pushing my luck with that as it is having small children, can't just book things and go like I used to. Any reason to believe she will be doing any other live shows next year?
  13. Are Coldplay really that popular? Clearly they are a big act etc. etc. but had no idea there would be such a scramble for tickets.
  14. You have to tip your hat to Liam for getting back to the level where he is playing Knebworth/ Etihad/ Hampden but I wonder how much the support acts are helping. They are all strong line ups - even with Kasabian in whatever the new live set up will be - making the gigs much better value and a bit of an day out event rather than a straightforward gig
  15. EDIT: Special guests A$AP Rocky and Thundercat in Manchester & Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals and Thundercat in London & Glasgow Get Live Nation presale tickets next Thursday 14th October at 10am - register and log in to My Live Nation to gain access!
  16. A lot of people on Twitter claiming to have not received their Liam pre sale code - not a great start if you're going to charge people for it.
  17. Liam now selling Knebworth pre-sale access for a quid rather than having to pre order the album. Deadline 3pm today EDIT: link here https://store.liamgallagher.com/uk//merch/lg-ticket-access-pass.html
  18. Nice twitter twitter account sharing sales that indies have on. Worth keeping an eye on it.
  19. Thanks again - all nice and smooth.
  20. Thanks - is there a link to the website as well? I'm guessing there isn't one for the London Stadium direct as I am on the mailing list and they only mentioned Friday morning general sale.
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