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  1. Assumed she was the Sunday but Bands in Town has Janet Jackson playing on Saturday.
  2. May have been mentioned before but Horace Andy playing in Bristol on 28 June.
  3. Isn’t the ‘exclusive’ tag a bit flimsy though? I’m sure Future Islands were billed as exclusives at Green Man in 2017 but played Glastonbury too.
  4. The Killers will have the biggest crowd of the festival.
  5. Is The Strokes headlining that unlikely? Certainly there have been weirder headliners in the past (Skunk Anansie and Rod Stewart to name but two). Might just be that they thought they had Macca lined up and went that went awry, and perhaps Ga Ga was contacted but to no avail, the Strokes were available and thus booked.
  6. Hope you’re right. The Fannies on the Park would be a moment. Although I thought they were nailed on in 2017, too...
  7. I quite like Bon Iver, and Fleet Floxes, but 100% agree with this.
  8. I took it to mean 2020 too. No way Noel would agreee to go below Liam on the bill, nor would Glastonbury have two Gallagher’s subbing the Pyramid in the same year. Unless he’s headlining the Other Stage, which doesn’t seem right to me. Makes more sense for him to be subbing the Pyramid on the 50th anniversary, which would keep his ego sweet, massive bell end that he is.
  9. What sort of music does Thom play in his DJ sets? Was expecting the sort of glitchy stuff I find it impossible to dance to but that Once in a Lifetime mention has got me intrigued!
  10. Really? Last album was received somewhat lukewarmly admittedly but they always had a certain status that elevated them above the landfill, I thought. Though the mists of time and me being a massive fan might be skewing my recollection.
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