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  1. It was scorching when we arrived on the Wednesday in 2016. Chucked it down Thursday morning and Friday morning/early afternoon. There was sunshine on Friday and Saturday though, can remember watching Foals and it was a beautiful evening. Sunday was miserable all day.
  2. Klaus Blatter in the Spike, Sunday 1.30am, plays acid house apparently. But when I saw a video of Mr Blatter he looked remarkably like Irvine Welsh in daft sun glasses and a Borrusia Dortmund tracksuit...
  3. 12 noon on Bands in Town but unsure how accurate that is.
  4. Doesn’t that just demonstrate that the stage has changed over the years, but not to the overall detriment of the festival? The 2019 equivalent of Portishead circa ‘95 will play the Park or John Peel instead.
  5. Haggard Cat on Sunday.
  6. Of course, forgot about Idles, cheers.
  7. Are TCIC definitely West Holts? Had it in my head they were Park Stage for some reason.
  8. There is a Light That Never Goes Out.
  9. Ah that’s right, cheers good Sir.
  10. Can anyone jog my memory with this. In 2017 there was some sort of technical glitch with the official app (at this point technically it still would have been the 2016 version) where part of the line up or stage times was revealed by accident. I’m sure it was someone on here who spotted it. Or did I dream this?
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