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  1. Quick Q: PCs at my office use wired internet connections, does that mean that they each have seperate IPs? i.e. is there a risk of getting locked out if my colleagues are also trying for tickets?
  2. Ah, I hadn’t heard that! I guess for people who book coach together but live apart it’ll stack the miles up as well
  3. 52 cars going to their nearest pickup point + one coach going to the festival < 52 cars going to the festival
  4. evannn

    2020 headliners

    He drew a pretty big crowd in 2017 though
  5. I’m not sure, I just had half a look at the London one because it’s part of a series that the record shop does with artists releasing new albums. My guess would be if the ticket price seems appropriate for a “proper” gig, it probably is. London was £24 for the LP and a ticket
  6. Fwiw this appears to be about a half set. Apparently they’re going to be playing at ~8 and curfew is 9. I think I’m going to wait and hope they do an actual gig/tour
  7. Second both sentiments, caught them last night and both bands were on top form.
  8. I don't think The KidsTM want to hear Prophets of Rage, they effectively are an 'old' band.
  9. I second Foxing, their new stuff is definitely more alt-rock than post-rock but they’ve been great live every time I’ve seen them (4x, including last night) also Wiki is probably my favourite US rapper (late night Friday in the sunrise) and I imagine lots on this board will be familiar with Sons of Kemet, but if you’re not they’re super high energy jazz - share members with The Comet is Coming
  10. evannn

    A4 bag rule

    Not massively, maybe the odd pat down for a tinnie but if you’re not bait you’ll be ok
  11. BBC Suffolk introducing acts announced this morning, I wouldn’t be surprised if the third lake stage headliner is announced today. Also some old crowd pleasing duffers for early afternoon on the obelisk, probably
  12. Lianne La Havas & Corinne Bailey Rae On an unrelated note, do they still do cheap tickets for these shows, and how/when? iirc I’ve seen people talking about tickets for a fiver or so in the past
  13. I’m thinking it might just be the lake stage in terms of music, and a comedy headliner to get the people going. Rob Delaney or Hannibal Buress are on my wishlist but I’m guessing Rob Beckett. Would like the DJs announced also
  14. There are ways in which we perhaps unknowingly contribute to racist/sexist/homophobic power structures, though. See above, the EasyJet pay gap isn’t due to “sexism” (ie employers specifically paying men more than women) alone, it’s more due to a structure that has historically led to imbalances such as women being pigeonholed into essentially service industry jobs (cabin crew) while the highly skilled and highly paid jobs are filled by men. The “other variables” alluded to are sexist, they’re just a bit more difficult to pin down. These are the ways in which we’re sexist/racist/homophobic. It’s not enough that you and I don’t use slurs, we need to identify and challenge the unfair power structures where we can rather than contributing to the status quo
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