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  1. Must be Other headline!
  2. Any chance we’ll see Pixies (the band not the supernatural beings)? They’re in France on 30th June ahead of a big run of European festivals.
  3. The Secretglasto account is going to be busy this year!
  4. Gingerfish79

    The Poster

    Please don’t start threads with such leading titles! Even though i know it’s way too early, I had a rush of adrenaline!
  5. His solo material has, in my opinion, been very good, especially the last album which is his most interesting body of work to date. I've seen him live three times and always enjoyed them. And certainly these days he tends not to attract the 'Pretty Green and ridiculous sideburns' crowd that Liam attracts so the atmosphere doesn't have that slightly sinister tone that latter day Oasis gigs had. I think he'll go down a treat on a sunny Saturday evening (fingers crossed!) before the Pyramid main course
  6. Its a lovely building, the food and drink offering is good and the views over London are great. The sound quality is average at best (it is especially poor for the support bands), but the atmosphere has always been great when I've been there.
  7. Thanks both, I'll investigate. Its a more immediate issue on this visit as I'm likely to be 3/4s full of Guinness after watching the rugby!
  8. I'm off to Ally Pally on Saturday to see Bombay Bike Club... cant wait for the gig but already cursing the walk up that f'ing hill!
  9. I love how forthright and confident everybody is in their predictions, based upon almost no information other than gaps in touring schedules and hearsay. Outstanding leaps of faith! Though I don't contribute (as I would simply provide what amounts to a wish list!), its just about my favorite thread on the forum to read - top notch entertainment so keep up the good work people!
  10. Gingerfish79

    Other Stage 2020

    If it turns out to be Pet Shop Boys, Calvin Harris and Massive Attack I would be disappointed - I do enjoy an Other stage headliner but I wouldn't see any of these. As others have said, its hardly an exciting trio and it certainly isn't "Pyramid level".
  11. Gingerfish79

    Other Stage 2020

    Me too, only Calvin Harris who I would swerve! A Royal Blood headline set on Friday evening would be epic!
  12. Gingerfish79

    Other Stage 2020

    I'm very selfishly holding on to the slim hope that at least one of the '6' headliners will be something a little heavier. It would be quite nice to have some rock/metal represented at the top of the bill.
  13. I hadn't read the Committee report, but based on the section helpfully quoted by @parsonjackabove, it would seem that Glastonbury could comply with the recommendation by improving the training given to Gate staff in terms of how to spot people carrying excessive amounts, without having to put a ludicrous limit on everybody and thus creating even more work for staff.
  14. Is it wrong that I would prefer under 18's were banned from attending the festival rather than limiting the alcohol people can take for their own consumption?! I jest, but surely it would be more sensible to enforce the underage drinking law through the employment of more stewards, empowered to undertake spot checks at the gate and throughout the festival, ejecting anybody clearly breaking the law, rather than impinging on the freedoms of us law abiding drinkers! Seems like its another effort to control the masses via a spurious attempt to deal with a minority issue.
  15. Is there a possibility that Saturday Pyramid could be Crowded House, Aerosmith, NGHFB, McCartney?
  16. Not sure if its been mentioned, but Everything Everything are active. Live at Leeds on 1 May.
  17. Booked my leave and nearby hotel for the Tuesday before. Just the balance payment and alcohol to sort out now. Oh, and also trying to lose 2 stones!
  18. Morrissey supporting The Who?
  19. The XX are recording and assuming the album will be out late 2020, they could well headline in 2021. Already headlined Other and sub’d Pyramid.
  20. I’m really looking forward to the second Creeper album. Loved the first and didn’t think we’d get a second.
  21. Gingerfish79

    2020 headliners

    that's a great idea! Though it would seriously hit my productivity in December! … We did get Janelle Monae before the second two Pyramid headliners last year.
  22. 1. Fontaines DC - Dogrel 2. Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind 3. Amyl and the Sniffers - AATS 4. Thom Yorke - Anima 5. Pom Poko - Birthday
  23. Gingerfish79

    2020 headliners

    Is there anything to suggest that the next announcement will be a Pyramid headliner?
  24. We've hired a caravan for the last 5 festivals. Generally have 7-8 people in a 6-birth, 6 in the van and 1-2 people in the awning with an inner-tent. The cost isn't too bad when its split between that number and the shower, fridge and additional space make it absolutely worth it. Having a car parked next to the caravan is also a massive help as we tend to load it with all the alcohol and as many bags as we can to make the walk in easier for everybody else.
  25. Gingerfish79

    2020 headliners

    Taylor 0% - not my thing at all, literally zero chance of me being there. Paul - 100% - I've always missed out on seeing him for one reason or another, I love the Beatles and for me he's a perfect Glastonbury booking. so very excited! Kendrick - 2% - Not a fan and it looks very likely that there will be some big headliners elsewhere. My wife is a big fan, hence the 2% rather than zero! Whilst I definitely wont be at Taylor or Kendrick, I completely agree that they are massive artists and deserve to grace that stage.
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