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  1. Is anybody else regularly checking in on the BBC webcam? I suspect we'll know things are kicking off at pace when they switch it live again.
  2. But if he culls Civil servants he'll create even more sources and the leaks will never stop... He'll try to lean on Gray to ensure the report does not say he broke the law and Reynolds will be the fall guy, no doubt paid handsomely for his troubles. His behaviour in PMQs yesterday suggests to me he's already confident of getting away with it.
  3. Didn't Kelis play that day as well or have I mixed up my days?
  4. No worries! Just donated and I'm sure many more people will now its posted in here. Thanks again, fantastic gesture.
  5. Only just aware of the funding page. Great work by all the organisers. Thanks for everything @Neil, hope we can get you to the farm.
  6. David Davis just used his question to tell Johnson to go. Highest profile Tory yet to demand his resignation?
  7. Agreed. Winning back just a handful of seats again in Scotland could make a big difference.
  8. Always a risk, but I don't see the 'red wall' staying blue now. I think there was a specific attraction to Johnson from these areas and once he's gone and they realise that they are poorer for the experience, the majority will be back to Labour. However, it's clear that those seats must now be classed as 'floating' and Labour will have to work hard to get and keep them. A massive focus on the Midlands and north needed from Labour now.
  9. We could all share that sentiment about somebody on the line-up though! Personally, I don't know why Haim keep getting invited. In my opinion, you've seen one Haim gig, you've seen them all. But I don't doubt their popularity, each to their own!
  10. I do wonder whether he's hanging on as long as he can, hoping that the Russians might save him with their inevitable war with Ukraine.
  11. Jack White has dates in London on the Mon and TUES after Glasto so highly likely he'll be at the farm.
  12. Could this be Aerosmith or do we know for sure they're on Saturday?
  13. I was there and it was weird! My friend and I actually asked a group of kids if they wouldn't mind moving back for BC so that we wouldn't upset them, explaining that we would be leaving before ES.. they did and it worked out fine but i'm guessing some guys would t have been so thoughtful.
  14. Two thoughts... the Billie fans waiting at the front are not going to enjoy the bouncing during Royal Blood! Also, it just looks so wrong to see Aerosmith before Haim. Otherwise, looks very plausible.
  15. I'll be absolutely delighted if Macca info is correct. Huge booking. I may see Kendirck if there isn't something else that grabs me (I'm sure that there will be!) and I appreciate that Billie will be popular though it isn't for me. All three are superstars delivering a diverse mix of outstanding music, old and new. Hits the brief again!
  16. I completely agree, he needs to be forced out now and with his tail so firmly between his legs that all the other cheerleaders in the Cabinet will know that this abuse of public office will never be tolerated again. And besides, I think the whole sorry mess would crumble like a pack of cards if he can be forced out. There isn't a competent minister between them and they know it, including Sunak.
  17. My god Nadine Dorries is truly appalling. Nasty and stupid. It is frightening just how low the bar has dropped.
  18. I think it's a very interesting question and it would be good to see the polling based on age ranges and demographics. My instinct is that a good percentage of BBC loyalists will be older, more affluent people and hence also traditional Tory's. Hammering the BBC and taking away the triple lock on pensions, its like they're wilfully attacking the core of their vote.
  19. Funding the BBC through taxation is unacceptable but the taxpayer funding the massively wealthy Royal family is sacrosanct.
  20. Will it be a straight fight between them though? Surely Gove, Hunt and Javid will get involved? Patel? The way MPs vote in the early stages can sometimes result in favourites being eliminated.
  21. Maybe, but in my view it goes way beyond corruption when the PM breaks the law and the Police don't investigate.
  22. I fear this is a quickly closing window of opportunity to get shut of Johnson and his gang. If he survives this we might never get rid of them.
  23. Welcome to your all-new Fascist state.
  24. I feel like if Boris is able to ride this out it is effectively the death of true democracy in this country. This moment is everything. If he survives, welcome to fascism.
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