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  1. ironmike8

    Grime/Hip Hop

    He's played before and has a new album out a few weeks after the festival. God I'd love Chance to be there
  2. ironmike8

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    I have tickets for the March show but would love to see him at the farm. Loads of content out since his last show too
  3. Saturday tickets got
  4. Are people basing their Chance predictions on anything in particular or is it more hopeful? Saw him at the Radio 1Xtra thing in Sept 18 and I was so excited, but I think the crowd let him down a bit. Would be good to see him somewhere that more people know his stuff.
  5. ironmike8

    John Peel Stage 2019

    I'd like to see Francis and the Lights in the JP, think it would work well.
  6. If anyone knows of a Saturday only ticket going, I'm very interested please!
  7. Those Gelert tents... I can't seem to tell if the groundsheet is fixed to the tent or not. Does anyone know?
  8. This tbf - we saw it last year near us after setting up on Wednesday morning. Came back in the evening and someone had pitched a tent bang under it looking all
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