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  1. keepad

    Sold out

    Damm, for those who made it I hope you have the best time.
  2. keepad

    anyone had any joy?

    Oh well, have fun all, tickets sold out and we did not make it this year.
  3. Probably looking at Download tickets and IOW at this rate.
  4. keepad

    Good Luck ALL !

    Wow the time is going slow slow right now waiting for that 09:00 to strike.
  5. It would be nice to see this again,, maybe next year.
  6. You could park at the pub and have a bite to eat before you go on site, we are going for a walk about this Saturday while visiting a mate in Pilton, it looks like it will be good weather, I will take a few pics but I would of thought the site will be similar to the pics I posted earlier this year.
  7. Hi, anyone know if the Brothers Cider will have an drive thru at Shepton Mallet this year. I was was great in 2017
  8. Fair one, i would not hand any money over at this late stage until I was past the gate.
  9. Don’t forget to post your sunset pics tonight, enjoy ?
  10. Just found my van guardian ready to go on the dash.t
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