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  1. Wow I did not know about them, seems a very good idea, I still have my metal water bottle from 17 which I will be taking again.
  2. keepad

    The New GlastoMap

    I think who ever comes up with an AR map of Glasto will be quids in, bloody heck I wish I kept that one to my self.
  3. Thanks mate, I’ve just been watching the IOW top 20 moments, so that will fit in nicely with the build up my fest season.
  4. Sorry I visited here by mistake, I thought was related to the new Taylor Swift single.🤥
  5. @priest17 thank you for starting this thread, it would seem we are not alone here, I have personally found some of the advice here very helpful and it’s thanks to you posting here. Have a good one mate.
  6. keepad


    Ohh no, will i be able to order this season Prada neon catsuit in time. 🤟
  7. Yep Killers, just had the advert from the BBC after the Netherlands game.
  8. WV car pass came, still no main ticket yet, then our mates in another group are also still waiting for main tickets
  9. I have a pair Altbergs and they are still going strong after 7 or so years, if you have a GO Outddoors near by I would go and get a pair of Gortex walking boots plus wellies, don’t forget to take the insole out of your walking boots and put in the wellies when you use them or just buy a good insole for them. I hope this helps.
  10. wow your own thunder dome.
  11. Your should have plenty of room each side of you, to fair we were asked by the guys guiding people in to rows if we were putting up an awning and which side we plan to put it up. People had plenty of room in the rows around us, we had a Vango awning attached to the side of our camper. Some people had huge family tents next to motorhomes which did not seem to get in other peoples way, I think the only issue would be people blocking the fire lanes at the front and rear. if you need to start your engine I would do it in the day and be aware that the fumes are not going into your awing etc. We did not start our van up once from parking up Tuesday until the Sunday night when we had to leave for home. One top tip peg down an breathable hessian ground sheet from your awning/gazebo to the entrance to your motorhome it will keep out mud dirt etc. if you use an waterproof ground sheet it will just collect water. You will be fine, get set up and chill. Have a good one.
  12. Erm my sunglasses were delivered today, not sure I will need them but hey ho
  13. "These aren't the Gazebo's your looking for"
  14. Why not come along to the efest meet on Wednesday and we could all sing her happy Birthday.
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