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  1. alien

    How do you feel?

    Thanks for the replies guys it does help I'll get on that now 👍
  2. alien

    How do you feel?

    Not posted here for a while so here's a big update/vent/dump My elderly parents (one of which I live with) are both fully vaccinated now, so that's taken a lot of stress off. I can do things like go to the ASDA in the day, go to the dentist, get a haircut, go to my crossfit classes etc without worrying about inadvertently killing my parents. Great sense of relief. However, I'm still unemployed after 1.5 years, not good really. CV has a huge gap in it. Not eligible for universal credit, also not told the council I'm living at my parents council house after all this time. Tricky situation really and the guilt I feel is often unbearable, it could all be solved with getting a job but... I also got an autism diagnosis a few months back, it's closer to Asperger's or 'high functioning', although the latter terminology can do more harm than good. The diagnosis explains quite a few of my struggles throughout life (and jobs), for example sensory and social issues (god knows how I survived Glasto). Applied to be a postie at the royal mail, thought that might suit me in the meantime but no luck. Feeling aimless at the moment but peaking in moments of pure panic, not much support out there for people like me and what support there is seems to be shut down until the summer due to covid. Been stuck between multiple rocks and a hard places for too long now.
  3. Can't actually comprehend that I'll never see them on the Pyramid.
  4. alien

    House Music

    Flippin hell total uni nostalgia trip rediscovering Karma Kid I miss raves 👽
  5. alien

    2020 New Music

    Popped up on my Spotify release radar, cover of Hunters & Collectors' 1982 track of the same name, all new to me
  6. well it's one of those crossfit gyms you see...
  7. That's good! Does anyone have to wear masks inside the gym at all? For me its less distraction and more so getting out of being socially isolated, its got to the point where taking the risk to go out is necessary
  8. alien

    How do you feel?

    The heat does the exact same to me and I've definitely noticed it again this week. Sleep quality is absolutely out the window with it, difficult to get to sleep and stay asleep. Way more nightmares and cold sweats too. All of which increases anxiety, which of course leads to worse sleep 😬 Looking forward to the colder months, sleep like a baby then.
  9. I've finally gathered up the courage to at least enquire about re-joining the gym next week. I joined the gym back in march to help with my depression and anxiety, but the lockdown thwarted my attempt literally the same week. Hoping I can get the ball rolling again and nothing stops me this time.
  10. alien

    2020 New Music

    Purely out of interest is this an all round Pendulum hate or more of a later material hate?
  11. That's lovely, I find stone circle photos so interesting just because of the amount of interactions going on. Here's one of mine
  12. alien

    2020 New Music

    Loving Doves new stuff, sounds so clean, confident sound also sharing this as I keep hearing it on 6 music and it just seems to get better every time, sorry if its a repost
  13. alien

    2020 New Music

    Not been paying attention music wise this year but I finally caught up all 94 pages over the past few days. Some lovely stuff this year so far, Yves Tumor, Pottery and that recent Arab Strap one are stand outs to me but there's plenty more. also another year and another smashing pumpkins attempt, they just never seem to quite hit the mark for me and I so desperately wish they could also also this is a thing, make of it what you will
  14. alien

    BBC Glastonbury

    To my surprise I keep coming back to The Cure's 2019 set. I never really got The Cure, I'm still not sure I do. I've never really had much exposure to goth culture let alone goth music (I feel daft even saying that), closest I got was emo I suppose? But holy balls do they sound INCREDIBLE during that set! Rob's voice is just sublime, everything is so tight, gobsmacked and mesmerised every time I watch and listen. Another specific moment I keep returning to is the first drop in Groove Armada Superstylin 2010. When the camera pans to the crowd all dancing it gets to me quite emotional. Good wholesome fun with friends, I'm sure I'm not the only one missing that this year.
  15. alien

    How do you feel?

    Appreciate the perspective, I have actually been travelling a few years back to Australia, did some fruit picking and potato farming which I enjoyed. I could never really relax into it though, just felt stressed and anxious a lot of the time as if I needed to hurry up and sort my life out. Eventually gave in to that pressure and returned home and ended up in that job that led to my breakdown. My life seems so rushed, trying desperately to get all those things other people seem to have (money, impressive office job, prestige, house, car, girlfriend/wife, children) but never really asking myself what do I want. Now that coronavirus is here it has forced me to slow down and consider things. At Glasto I've always wanted to give the various crafts a go (woodwork, leatherwork etc) in The Green Fields but never really got round to it, too many bands to see, friends wanting to go here or there. I think my next Glasto will be a very different one.
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