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  1. From what I remember most of the problems were with people queuing to get in, my sister was in the queue at the time and she said it was bad. Surely it would make no sense at all to eventually get everyone in and then immediately ask them to get in line and drag all their heavy gear out in the scorching sun. That sounds like a recipe for disaster to me, not a solution.
  2. Yeah, not even close. Can you remember the videos of the rivers that were running across the pyramid in the weeks leading up to the festival?😁 The ground was totally saturated for weeks or months before and it still probably would have been okay if not for the absolute deluge we got all morning on the Wednesday.
  3. Yes. It was extremely heavy rain for a hour or so though. A couple of mates just had raincoats and no poncho, they were soaked through in minutes (or drawked) if from round my way.
  4. It had some absolutely torrential rain, some of the heaviest I’ve seen at Glasto in eight visits. They even took the bands off the Pyramid at one stage. Tbf, it wasn’t like this every day though.
  5. Yeah, absolutely beautiful just up the road in Sunderland. Nice and Sunny and just the right kind of temperature that would be great for Glasto. I honestly couldn't take a full week like the Wednesday in 2017. I've never felt temperatures like that in this country before. It's never that hot in the north east😁
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    It wasn't there for me but it was on my mates line up who I was talking to on the phone. Spent about ten minutes straight scrolling up and down thinking I'm losing the plot.
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    Well, got to be honest not the best line up for me personally. Enough I'm happy to go along to see but no must see's. Although, somehow they've managed to clash about half the acts I would like to see on the Saturday night! Cat Empire on twice but are in the Saturday night clash central and then clashing first up on a Saturday against the proclaimers!😭🤐 Putting the streets on in the same slot they had a mare in last time seems a bit odd to me as well. Anyway, can't bloody wait to get there and get out and about around the site and perhaps explore some of the areas that I always mean to visit but never get around to.
  8. I was at that set and it was brilliant. Just absolute chaos from start to finish. I thought it was a cardboard box as well, haha. The girl playing the guitar on far side of the stage was proper pissed off at something for most of the set, it looked like her peddle wasn't working properly or something. It was amusing to me how much of a contrast she made to the rest of the band, especially the lead.
  9. Hopefully recreate the video for 15 feet of pure white snow.
  10. The natural disasters. What a tag team they were!
  11. 😁Fair enough mate. That line up is miles better than this years mind.😉
  12. In your opinion maybe. Most people I've spoken to and on this forum don't think JJ should be on the top few lines of the poster. She's not a big name these days in the UK and is too high up the poster. If she was lower down near Sheryl Crow etc nothing would have been mentioned about this imo. No ones complaining about Kylie apart from saying she's the first legend to get on the top line. Dolly Parton didn't even get on the top line.
  13. As mentioned earlier in this thread, Dolly Parton. That's the best comparison you are going to get.
  14. Nothing wrong with the booking of Kylie and JJ. Imo and others they don't belong on the top line (especially JJ) at a big UK festival. It looks to me and others that they've tried to balance most lines on the poster evenly with male and female artists. JJ wouldn't have had that much of a mention imo if she was listed a few rows down with Sheryl Crow etc. But surely with there being more male acts at the moment it's pretty obvious that it's going to be difficult to get anything like a 50/50 split straight away? A 50/50 split is where we want to end up, yes but it has to be done organically and not forced imo. I'm not saying this has happened but if it has been forced then surely that is tokenism? The main problem here though is that unless you are a big fan of modern RnB or pop it's not a good line up. That's male or female.
  15. I think she's already made it clear where she would be on the poster if she had a say in the matter.🤣
  16. "2019😉 Still can't stop saying 'last year' for the 2017 festival myself. In fact I say it everytime ffs.😁
  17. I've complained plenty about the line up so far but I wouldn't for a second think about not going. It's one of the greatest places on earth and imo the Wednesday and Thursday are probably the best days to be about the farm and I for one can't fuckin wait.😎
  18. Yeah but he'd be by far the biggest act on the poster so it would make perfect sense for him to be there. Same with Madonna.
  19. The headliners are unimaginative or weak depending on your view but that doesn't change the fact that they are the headliners and that JJ shouldn't be near the top of a big UK festival line up, never mind the top line. It's obvious they've tried to balance the top line with male and female artists as they've done with most of the poster and JJ doesn't belong there.
  20. Tbf mate, Janet Jackson doesn't interest me in the slightest and I feel it's lets say a strange decision to have her on this year of all years. That said I don't mind her being on there but on the top line with the headliners for a big UK festival! No way imo. Marr and Wu Tang aren't on the top line though. If she was down next to Sheryl Crow or Johnny Marr it would be a decent booking if not to my taste. Also without the Cure and Johnny Marr on there the poster would be even more unbalanced than it already is. Basically, no rock heavier acts on there.
  21. It's easily better than this year though, although I haven't seen the original poster either. Just look at the headliners for starters, even if you don't like them it's obvious they're miles better than this years. Pyramid U2 Coldplay Beyoncé. Other Primal Scream The chemical brothers QOTSA West Holts Cee lo green Big boi Kool and the gang.
  22. Snap. Pretty much this for me as well.
  23. Nick Cave and Doves plus a few more hopefully. Also one or two biggish metal or at least heavier type bands, not sure who it could be though. Hopefully Iggy pop.
  24. If you are into your mainstream pop type acts and modernish RnB then I imagine it's pretty good. For me it's poor tbh. Not one act I really wanted to see there. Quite a few acts who I like and will go to see but I've seen most of them before, most of them at Glasto as well. So, yes, for me personally it's easily the worst first poster I've seen since I started going in 2008.
  25. Glastocat

    2019 Headliners

    2011. I'm not a massive fan but my mates were so I went along. Wish I hadn't as Mike Skinner was totally off his face and it was a terrible set. He was stood on a box or something shouting to the crowd "I can see you, can you see me" for about five minutes.🤣
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