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  1. fernandomassuy

    2020 wishlists

    Led Zeppelin Richard Ashcroft Massive Attack Fleetwood Mac Bjork Neutral Milk Hotel My Bloody Valentine
  2. fernandomassuy

    2020 headliners

    Fri: Elton John Sat: Paul McCartney Sun: Led Zeppelin (special 150minute set) 50th anniversary, if there are going to be outrageous predictions made next year is the time!
  3. Been swimming, lifting weights constantly these days. Also cut a lot of weed (only socially now) and trying to eat healthy. Natural dopamine feels great!
  4. Would be a solid 3, Pyramid subs?
  5. Richard Ashcroft has some tour dates available (headlining The Weekender at the end of May). My Bloody Valentine is planning an album, could tour too..
  6. McCartney pulling out? Led Zep for Sunday confirmed okay, not really ?
  7. the way things are shaping, my unrealistic dream headliners: Stormzy, Led Zeppelin, Paul McCartney
  8. Nice! Surely Richard Ashcroft can fit somewhere in there, britpop is never too much
  9. I'd watch spice girls, as long as they didn't headline
  10. Artists I'd like to see playing in 2019, all not too far from reality Tom Waits Iggy Pop Bjork Portishead Underworld Neutral Milk Hotel Charlotte Gainsbourg Richard Ashcroft Bright Eyes My Bloody Valentine
  11. I live in Brazil and got tickets in like 3 minutes. 2nd timer so am a bit more experienced... but most of my UK/european friends didn't land one, weird
  12. why do people **** on chvrches so much? I think they were pretty good, maybe Lauren's voice didnt sound too sharp but it's not like 2017 Axl Rose
  13. Remember to redeem your free train tickets!
  14. Bought 60 tokens (150 euro). Not much of a drinker, should average around 5 beers per day, should that be enough? Considering lunch + snack + dinner
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