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  1. Bombay Bicycle Club announced to headline Lost Village, rules them out?
  2. That's brilliant, thanks for the info!
  3. First time at Reading and going for a day, most likely getting the train so where do I need to go for day ticket entrance? And what time would you recommend getting there for doors opening?
  4. jjhoney

    Miley Cyrus

    Thoughts on her set so far?
  5. Selling 2x Saturday tickets (face value £52.50) for £37.50 each through Twickets (plus £9.74 Twickets fee) so £84.74 in total https://www.twickets.live/block/852602548216932,2
  6. Thanks for the advice, I'll try that now
  7. Selling my Field Day Saturday only tickets for £100 (face value of £52.50 each) https://www.twickets.live/block/852602548216932,2?utm_campaign=sharelisting&utm_content=listing&utm_source=email
  8. Whats the cheapest way of travelling to Budapest (ideally from midlands although London is possible)?
  9. Anyone know if you can take water in (unopened if anything)? Thanks
  10. Looking to volunteer with Festaff at Cream this year as I can't afford to go otherwise - has anyone volunteered here with them before? If so what's it like?
  11. Anyone know how much merch and food/drinks roughly were last year? Trying to budget spending money as travelling round Europe for a couple of weeks after
  12. Very surprised (and so very happy) to see excision playing, he rarely plays in Europe let alone UK as far as I know due to dubstep not being very big compared to America so that makes it even better for me
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