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  1. We also handed a full wallet with cards in at the security box next to the bridge between west holts and the main markets.. around 2am last night.
  2. Really glad the target was exceeded.. hope he has an amazing festival.
  3. I did one last short run at the weekend, happy I’ve got my fitness levels back up to a reasonable level and lost some weight too. Ready for many days of wandering the farm!
  4. Pipine

    Tent theft - look out!

    Would definitely leave passports / car keys / cash at the lock ups til you need them.
  5. Pipine

    BBC2 9pm

    It was really interesting and had a few different angles compared to the other documentaries.. I didn’t realise how pivotal some bookings had been over the years at opening up new eras in the festivals history (other than the Jay Z thing) and I was surprised to hear Emily admit she thought the festival had lost something initially after the super fence went up. And Michael’s tolerance of dance etc is funny.. I’m glad he’s open to letting others do their own thing so much. I really enjoyed it, a really well put together and interesting view of the festival and I’m so excited to be heading there this time tomorrow!
  6. Pipine

    BBC2 9pm

    Just what I wanted to watch to get my excitement levels through the roof 😆
  7. They have a dentist on site.. been to see them once when I chipped my tooth. So pretty sure you’d be fine 😄
  8. I’ve stopped doing anything where I could potentially pick up an injury (trail running) or go anywhere I could pick up any bugs.. better safe than sorry!
  9. There’s been several mentions on NetWeather of a potential plume again next week, I think it’s going to turn out better than currently forecast. The general forecast is decent, I’m feeling hopeful.
  10. Pipine

    Last day at work

    One hour to go then I’m done until the 28th.
  11. Pipine

    Never Have I Ever

    Never been in Funkingham Palace.. top of the list this year. Never made anything in the craft field.
  12. Pipine


    Disappointing she didn’t realise it straight off but I’m glad she’s swiftly changed the word and apologised.
  13. I don’t work Mondays so I’ll be full of excitement and finishing my packing ready for an 8.30 start Tuesday AM.
  14. Thursday: Elvana Friday: Phoebe Bridgers Saturday: Roisin Murphy Sunday: Pet Shop Boys
  15. I’d like to say hi.. will see how brave I’m feeling 😉
  16. The net weather forum model discussion seems to be heading more towards a hot forecast.. it’s still too early but it’s at least looking promising, a re run of 2019 would be sweet.
  17. Started gathering stuff into a pile.. currently just an impractical but dazzlingly shiny green/blue jacket and an amazing sequin t shirt I got for a fiver on Vinted 👍 Trying to decide: 1. Wellies or walking boots + gaiters 2. Sleeping bag or duvet
  18. It seems a bit weird when her talking was so quiet compared to the singing.. I might stick with my original plan and go see Clairo / Caroline Polachek I think..
  19. Pipine

    Volunteering 2022

    I’m not there til Tuesday lunchtime too.. hopefully catch up with some efests crew at some point though 🙂
  20. After not missing a festival since 1997 I missed 4 festivals from 2014 to 2017 when our children were tiny. I really thought it would be unbearable not being there, I didn’t spend much time in the forum over those years, other than to read the post festival discussions but I did watch all the live coverage and I was surprised how OK I was with that. I just knew there was no chance I was going to go and I kind of made my peace with it. In a way it was good I had an enforced break, I really appreciated it when I came back in 2019, it was so exciting to see the changes that had happened over the 4 years I missed and I had the best festival of the 15 I’d been to. Hope you don’t find it too hard missing this year and you enjoy watching the coverage on TV. Hopefully you can get back next year.
  21. Pipine

    Volunteering 2022

    Alcatraz is a permanent building which has showers, toilets, washing machines etc next to the big red barn, we used it when we worked for water aid on worthy pastures last year.. thinking about it I think it had 2019 carved in a stone on the front.. so maybe it was only built post festival last time?
  22. Pipine

    Volunteering 2022

    People who’ve camped in Toms field before.. do we use the showers and toilets in Alcatraz? Or are there other showers?
  23. Pipine

    Volunteering 2022

    Congrats to everyone with pre festival shifts.. must be an amazing feeling to have the festival completely free 🙂
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