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  1. I’ve only walked past him, at End of the Road. My mate served him once though when he worked at Tempo.
  2. Wouldn’t be surprised if this gets a night at BST Hyde Park.
  3. fantomas

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Yep, definitely. The backdrop needs a good iron though!
  4. fantomas

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Watched a bit, yes excellent group! Saw them when they were last at Glasto and they had a tiny crowd (Park Stage, clashed with the Stones) so nice to see a big crowd for them now.
  5. fantomas

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Four Tet and Little Simz both look great, Eilish did well I think, Foals are not for me. I have no idea if I’d gone where I’d have been if there though. Crowded House earlier really made me wish I was there, lovely. Arlo Parks is new to me but thoroughly enjoyed the songs I saw. Phoebe Bridgers and maybe a bit of Jesus and Mary Chain to catch up with tomorrow.
  6. Feeling this is going to be one hell of an album coming up. Was lucky enough to see Kacey at Glastonbury in the acoustic tent off the back of the first album, but she has come one hell of a way since then I’d say.
  7. fantomas

    Big Red Machine

    Yup this is sweet. Bit of a shame about the Bon Iver sub slot going, but it has been rescheduled what 3 times now?
  8. fantomas


    Get my tuppence ha’penny in, this is one of the worst music letdowns I’ve ever had, Melodrama was my favourite album of that year, this ones lyrics all make me cringe really badly, and the music is pretty dross too. Shame.
  9. Yep, Tom Skinner would have been sorely missed.
  10. At my Missus’ primary school, all of the teachers who sent union letters to say they are not going to go into work, are now the ones being made to go in to teach the key worker/vulnerable children for the first part of lockdown.
  11. You don’t have to be a 10 Club member. All tickets are just distributed by BST and sent out like normal tickets. These were marketed for Ten Club members and Pearl Jam fans, so go for it. incidentally you can buy tickets for Ten Club section via this link until 9am tomorrow https://www.axs.com/uk/series/11316/american-express-presents-bst-hyde-park-2021-pearl-jam-artist-presale-tickets?skin=bst
  12. 1. Neil Young 2. Woodpigeon 3. Joni Mitchell 4. Metric 5. Feist
  13. A Day in the Life cover closing out Neil Young’s set in 2009 is right up there in terms of favourite moments.
  14. I forgot (Sandy) Alex G - House of Sugar. Clearly in my top 5 (and would probably replace Aldous Harding at No 4 at this point).
  15. Top 10: Bon Iver – i,i Big Thief – Two Hands Richard Dawson – 2020 Aldous Harding –Designer Sunn O))) – Life Metal Weyes Blood – Titanic Rising FKA Twigs - Magdalene Slowthai – Nothing Great About Britain Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Colorado Floating Points – Crush Honourable mentions: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Ghosteen; Clairo – Immunity; The Mountain Goats – In League with Dragons; Thom Yorke - Anima
  16. Still have happy memories discovering Vandals as a support band in 2000, not seen a crowd so into a support band before.
  17. I like checking out other peoples lists and catching the odd thing I missed. However, anyone with that boring turgid Tool album in their list I ignore the list entirely. Still thinking what my favourites are this year, usually the time of year I do my most checking out new music other than festival season.
  18. Had 2 portable chargers on me, no problem. Cameras - they asked if mine had a removable lens, it does but I said no and they let it in, but it was only a smallish 50mm lens. Heineken was £6 a pint. Think Fosters was too. Neil was great as always, Bob I lasted 3 songs but I wasn’t really there for him.
  19. Suits me, can give Dylan an obligatory 10-15 mins or so, realise it is not worth it, and then be back at home by 10pm for a couple of pints at my local before closing.
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