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  1. I was wondering that too. People on Facebook groups seem to think it's only a rough guideline and they're not too strict, but if anyone here who's been before can clarify that'd be great.
  2. Only just seen this impressively comprehensive response, cheers mate! Family friendly in the day & debauched at night sounds ideal as some friends may have to bring kids if they can't get babysitters. Had no idea about fruity Friday either, two costumes to plan now!
  3. Nice one, I'll add them to the list. Any other glasto crossover recommendations are particularly welcome - enough and maybe we can pretend we were there after all!
  4. I couldn't see a recent topic for this allegedly cracking little festival so thought I'd start one. Going there for the first time this year with a few fellow Glastonbury veterans after we all failed to get tickets. Just wondering what people's experience is of shambala (seems to have quite the cult following) and whether anyone had any top tips or general advice? Few things I'm wondering about specifically: Line up recommendations. I didn't recognise many names on the recent poster but having done a bit of research I particularly like the sound of Idles, Saul Williams, Inja, Age of Glass, Blow 3.0, The Comet is Coming and MC Xander. Is there anything else anyone considers 'must see'? Fancy dress. They've announced the theme 'extinction carnival' but I can't find anywhere that specifies what day it is. Surely they don't expect people in costume all weekend? I love a bit of fancy dress but that'd be pushing it! How late do things go on? Only thing I can find online is a clashfinder from 2015 which has a few stages on until 3am. If anyone's got anything more up to date that'd be appreciated.
  5. Cheers! Realised I'd timed the request poorly shortly after posting... Hope you had a good one.
  6. Please could you change my name to Nathan Explosion? Much appreciated!
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