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  1. Have to say that the line up and way they have done the build up has been a complete and unmitigated disaster. As a group we have been looking forward to coming to Beni for years. We purchased tickets early, booked flight and a Villa so spent a lot of money to come to this 25th anniversary festival. We are now looking at things we can do outside the festival when we should be in the festival having an amazing time. We will still have an amazing time but it just won't be about the festival it will be about the Villa, the pool, the beach, a trip to Valencia, getting drunk with my mates, falling over etc.
  2. That would be a pretty sparse festival if it that was the entire list of bands. I would be massively surprised if they were building UP to a big announcement.
  3. This line up is beyond parody. I expect this kind of tosh from Splendour but even they have managed to get some decent acts this year. The annoying thing is we could have been at Tramlines instead of Beni!!!!
  4. On their twitter account an hour ago 'More news coming soon' It would appear that the negative feedback to yesterday's 'news' has prompted them into action. Granted I can't complain too much for 99 Euros but I was expected sooooooooo much more
  5. Just looked back through the last few years of headliners and can't see any Spanish acts. Also seem comments on here that the majority of ppl that go are UK/Irish. This is my first visit to Beni and I am seriously unimpressed with the line up.
  6. I am looking at that line up and there is seriously not one act I am looking forward to seeing. Good job we have a villa with a pool!
  7. This is my first Beni after many festivals in the UK and I have to say that I am left feeling a little bit....meh. We are on a stag do and for me this has swapped from a Festival stag do, staying in a villa to a Villa stag do, with a festival to dip in and out of. Luckily we only paid 99 Euros so can't complain too much!!!! I can't say there is anybody on that line up that I am massively keen on seeing so far (maybe KOL, FBS is always a good act!). I was expecting The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters, Killers etc but we are left with KOL, LDR, 1975. Not exactly on a par with our last festival which was IOW last year. Headliners Kasabian, Killers, LG and Depeche Mode. I just hope the next round of announcements improve it A LOT! I am still going to have an amazing time in and out of the festival because we always do when we go to festivals. I just think having seen Beni line ups of the past, this line up is a bit of a let down for a 25th anniversary. Hey ho....bring on the pool parties, the alcohol, the sun, the falling over........
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