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  1. DanWhite

    Worthy View

    Thanks Stuie.
  2. DanWhite

    Worthy View

    Hi All - Hoping to bag tickets for 2020 and potentially get a 6 Man Scout Tent in Worthy View. Please can anybody share their experiences of staying here e.g. What is the area like showers/toilets, what is the daily walk like plus any other useful knowledge. Thanks in advance
  3. Just replace her with Doves and make the whole festival about 487 times better!
  4. Also dropped out of her 'Forest' shows. 'on the advice of my throat surgeon, I am going to have to cancel my next shows through until July 14 and I hope to be back as soon as possible after that'
  5. Me and 13 mates for a stag do. Fly out on PM of the 16th and come back on the 23rd. Staying in a villa near the beach! Hoping to do the club nights on the Tuesday and Wednesday night and also a trip to Valencia.
  6. Nice one. I am thinking that DJs/South Beach is the way to go!
  7. I am really really struggling to get excited about this festival. Please can somebody point me in the direction of something that is worth actually turning up for? Currently only really interested in seeing FBS, FF and GC. Any suggestions?
  8. We are staying in a Villa 15 mins walk away so I suspect that we will just dip in and out of the festival as and when we want. There really isn't that much I am looking forward to seeing apart from FBS and that is just for the old school dance tunes. I am sure there will be a few acts that I do see that I will really enjoy though. It looks like Beni is doing what V Festival did a few years ago, changing from a Rock/Indie/Dance festival to a Pop festival. Going after the younger market. Good luck with that!
  9. I have no doubt we will all have a great time but it is not just 'a few moans on social media' is it. It is virtually every punter saying that the line up is poor. I have seen people selling tickets or saying they are not going to attend the festival when they get to Spain. If Festival Republic are so great at putting on festivals then they should know better than serve up this pile of tosh! I will be doing everything I can not to give the festival any more of my cash when I get there. We won't be doing Beni next year that's for sure. Tramlines, Y Not or Kendal Calling next year.
  10. Have to say that the line up and way they have done the build up has been a complete and unmitigated disaster. As a group we have been looking forward to coming to Beni for years. We purchased tickets early, booked flight and a Villa so spent a lot of money to come to this 25th anniversary festival. We are now looking at things we can do outside the festival when we should be in the festival having an amazing time. We will still have an amazing time but it just won't be about the festival it will be about the Villa, the pool, the beach, a trip to Valencia, getting drunk with my mates, falling over etc.
  11. That would be a pretty sparse festival if it that was the entire list of bands. I would be massively surprised if they were building UP to a big announcement.
  12. This line up is beyond parody. I expect this kind of tosh from Splendour but even they have managed to get some decent acts this year. The annoying thing is we could have been at Tramlines instead of Beni!!!!
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