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  1. dubstep / 140 /steppas is so badly represented this year and most other sadly...
  2. rosssss224


    I reckon all the bits from the spider (cranes, wires, climbers, fire etc etc) will likely be re used so cant see it being much worse!
  3. rosssss224

    Kate Tempest

    I stand by that being the best gig ive ever seen. Something about all the Brexit in the air and general uncertainty.
  4. rosssss224

    Crowd Tolerance

    Id rather all of this than watching through a phone or taking endless photos WITH FLASH. leave the smart phone at home and go back 2000 with a burner to contact mates.
  5. Glastonbury has really been calling out for a Tangled Roots style area for a long time. The blues and Gully seems to miss what Dub / roots etc is all about.
  6. Nah clash but think the scoop rig was in the greenhouse. Was barely audible when i walked past it but sounded better at night. Real;ity is anyone myself included who owns a rig wants it as heavy as possible. If its not there will likely be other factors at play...or they blew all the cones on thursday!
  7. Clash sound systems wont disappoint....big stack of void in an end fire array vs. Noise control Audio There was a big scoop rig in shangri-la last time as well? F1 will no doubt have a stack of F132 subs again in the glade
  8. rosssss224


    youngstas sets are all 140bpm so has it easy! just leave the pitch in the middle
  9. rosssss224


    So they are building a bigger crane to potentially build something else... We'll be seeing a slipform core going up next
  10. rosssss224


    The agrekko artical is very interesting. Wonder if its 100% HVO
  11. rosssss224


    Pretty much yes. Main load will be lighting, sound systems and catering equipment all adding up to a peak load of a small town Id assume. Especially at around 10/11pm when all food places, soundsystems and lights across the site will be on. A grid connection will be possible but like you said will probably require major infrastructure changes far up the supply to allow for the increased capacity. I once got quoted £35k to bring a 3 phase supply to a not very rural house. Theres probably a lot of bureaucracy involved in who would own and maintain the new network as its largely private and wo
  12. On this note I've never seen more people cry in one place than will varley followed by beans on toast at boomtown last year. King for a King was the clincher followed by Beans doing a song for his Dads birthday while he was onstage. Note it was a sunday and there was probably about 4 serotonin molecules left on the site
  13. rosssss224

    The Streets

    Read the book by the guy who originally opened the academy (bloody good would recommend) and he says a few times that the building has quiteunique acoustics. Essentially less is more in that space as its very reverberant but engineers coming in turn it up to their usual level creating a muddy mess with sound bouncing all over.
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