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  1. You can also type your confirmation number into the machines at the train station to print normal tickets (rather then printed pdf version).
  2. Hotels are going to be expensive as its one of the busiest times of the year for Benicassim. I'd suggest taking a tent on the plane with you (if you're only taking hand luggage, it might be viable to take the tent in hold and discard it in one of the bins at the festival upon exit), or, hoping there is some shops in the town that will sell tents, but this I haven't seen. As you are flying into Alicante you could get a tent from Decathlon but this would mean waiting until opening time on the 20th. In regards to transport, you can either get one of the proposed coaches on EU Fest however, that would probably mean waiting until 11:30 Wait till the morning and catch a train at 8am local time. Search on Renfe --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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