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  1. Frazerbob

    Depeche Mode

    As a HUGE DM fan, I was at the Festival for the first time because they were playing. Having seen them over 50 times, I was concerned about how they would tap into the mainstream festival crowd. My concerns were proved valid. They don’t get any radio air time in the uk, bar Just Can’t Get Enough on Absolute 80’s so no surprise the majority of the crowd struggled with the set until Everything Counts. The last 45 minutes were bang on but many of the crowd had already been lost by then. This review in NME sums it up perfectly for me... http://www.nme.com/blogs/festivals-blog/depeche-mode-learn-work-british-festivals-first-isle-wight-show-2343189 Compare the DM set to The Killers, a seasoned UK festival band who smashed it from the very first song .
  2. Frazerbob

    Chairs and blankets on the main arena

    There were viewing platforms for wheelchair users at most, if not all, stages including the main stage. Totally agree re the chairs and blankets. Total pain in the arse especially when you get maimed at for stepping on their blanket!
  3. “Hoping for no fatalities”.....you’d get a job writing headlines for The Sun. Hope you enjoyed the last ever IOW Festival!
  4. Frazerbob

    Monday Ferry Question

    I just spoke with Red Funnel. Foot passengers can still get the ‘fully booked’ sailings, on a first come, first served basis. They are just no longer selling tickets for these specific times. They did advise that there may be a wait though.
  5. Frazerbob

    Monday Ferry Question

    I bought the Flexi Ticket, valid for any return ferry from Southampton Thurs-Mon. The Redfunnel site is showing all Monday ferries back are sold out for foot passengers between 0630 and 1630. Does that mean I can’t get on with my Flexi Ticket?
  6. Frazerbob

    Won tickets.. Looking for Travel info

    We’re just going Sat & Sun, got a B&B in Shanklin.
  7. Frazerbob

    Won tickets.. Looking for Travel info

    Hell of a drive that! We’re driving from Aberdeen to Edinburgh then flying to Southampton then ferry by foot. Have looked you at the train?
  8. Frazerbob

    Front of Stage

    I’m coming down from Aberdeen for Saturday & Sunday, primarily for Depeche Mode but loving the Sunday line-up. I’ve been to TITP several times as well as a few festivals abroad. First time at IOW though so here’s my question...... How does access to the FOS area work, is it just first come, first served? What time would I need to get there to bag a spot for Depeche? Thanks, not long now!