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  1. So Keir (centrist coward) lied his way into leadership (by basically abandoning his pledges) and now wants to ensure he can keep it by rigging the rules. This man has proven again he has no intentions of fighting the tories, he just wants to finish the left within the party. Absolute joke of a man.
  2. https://youtu.be/6AwFGxt4EXo Can’t seem to embed it.
  3. BBC love this drama every year. Profanity and offensive words are censored on songs all year round when played on the radio so I don't see the problem. Funny looking at all the comments of people fuming on twitter though.
  4. Watch that change once Sunak is put in charge.
  5. Either way, as sad as it may be, I think the Labour party is now dead.
  6. Are you saying he hasn't apologised?
  7. He hasn't done anything for a need to be absolved. The fact that a person with a history such as hers can openly criticise him and people agree with it just further highlights the agenda to vilify a man as a racist when he has spent all his life opposing racism.
  8. I can't understand even why it's acceptable she is a Labour MP to begin with. It also just further highlights an agenda against a man who has fought racism all his life.
  9. https://twitter.com/margarethodge/status/1328771756056846336?s=20 This from a woman who made money in apartheid South Africa during the boycott trying to smear a man who was arrested for protesting against it. But somehow Corbyn is the racist.
  10. Who do you work with, Rachel Riley?
  11. She just cried tears of joy because a blatent racist government got in instead. Yeah okay mate.
  12. Because that story is obviously bollocks. Why would her parents and grandparents need to leave the country?
  13. It's not election time my friend, they won't pull out big guns just yet.
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