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  1. The same has happened with Lewis Capaldi this year. He’s become massive since they booked him. He’s not even headlining & i think a lot of people have bought tickets just to see him.
  2. This is basically extactly what I said to my husband when it was announced. They’ll have announced it to get the people who’ve just seen him at TRNSMT to buy up the last remaining tickets. I can almost hear chants coming from the ned, sorry RED campsite already.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-44657821 It’s been reported on BBC, sad but true. Saying that they will continue in the “same spirit & character”. I’m doubtful.
  4. Just saw on Bella's instagram page that skiddle are accepting ticket returns and re-selling them. This explains why more tickets are becoming available. Not heard of them doing this before. Skiddle probably charging a handling fee.
  5. Loopallu have announced that this will their last year. Really strange what's going on with the tickets. Announced they sold out but when I checked the other day there were still tickets available. Now sold out again.
  6. I agree, it wouldn't surprise me if Twin Atlantic were booked as a surprise/TBA act and they've decided to announce it to pull some more ticket sales. I really hope they prepare for the crowd that's likely to turn up. I was in King Tuts at T in the park 2014 for The Proclaimers when it was over crowded and its not an experience Id like to repeat. The sides of the tents were being pushed, felt really unsafe.
  7. I can completely understand people would be pissed off if they'd bought a Thursday ticket just for Feeder & they've now swapped. Although it's worked in my favour I was looking forward to First Aid Kit too. Really looking forward to Frank Carter. Excited about Twin Atlantic too, seen them twice this year & they didn't disappoint. I agree the headliners maybe aren't up to standard of prevous years but still good. I always buy my ticket before line ups announced as I enjoy the weekend as a whole & love going to see stuff that I maybe wouldn't pay to see individually. It's Friday night. I'm a bit concerned that the Hothouse won't be able to hold the number of fans who will turn up.
  8. I think a lot of people aren't that impressed with the line up this year which is why it hasn't sold out yet. I can't say that I'm excited about anyone in particular more just for the weekend as a whole. I'm a bit disappointed that Feeder are on the Garden Stage on Thursday, wasn't planning on buying a ticket for that may have to reconsider.
  9. It's obviously very quiet on this forum considering there's been no posts since 2015. Watching the Glastonbury coverage has properly put me in the festival mood so just thought I'd come on here to see if anyone else is coming to Bella 2017?
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