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  1. Looks like it may be something linked to reverse plastic bottle vending Seems they trialled it last year at Live Nation festivals... https://www.edie.net/news/5/Co-op-to-trial-reverse-vending-for-plastic-bottles-at-UK-festivals/
  2. I got two for Friday night!
  3. Went to Decathlon to look at tents and camping gear!
  4. DropBeat


    Cracking album! Really hope they turn up at the farm.
  5. Need in to one these shows *preordered!
  6. Congrats to those who got through! I'm also going with Oxfam this year, volunteering for the first time. Looking forward to seeing the site before it opens!
  7. Ah great, thanks for the info. I've seen they're running their own bus service from Bristol for £25, so might look into that. But either way it's good to know there's a few options.
  8. I'm volunteering for the first time this year with Oxfam and travelling solo. Great to know the Castle Cary shuttle is still an option on Monday/Tuesday.
  9. On the account section of their site...
  10. Yeah my mate sees sold out. No email though. Bittersweet if so, as my mate didn't get in Won't get my hopes up tho
  11. I don't see glastonbury in the list now, not sure if thats because their system has me down as registered... or if because it's sold out
  12. Same, been charged but it crashed and told me it hadn't reserved me a place despite charging me.
  13. Booked tickets in the presale. Hyped as enjoyed APE so much last year! Hoping for another strong line up announced for the following Saturday
  14. My usual one is waking up in the tent on the Sunday evening of the fest realising I've missed most of the festival. Deciding to go out and enjoy the rest but mates taking ages to get ready as "we've missed most of it anyway". Very odd. Don't have a ticket for 2019 yet and recently had a variation on the above where I was still trying to get a ticket on the Friday morning of the fest. Torturing myself by watching the webcam/BBC coverage at the same time. Hope I get a ticket in April so my mind can relax about it!
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