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  1. DropBeat

    Drop the deposit.

    There is no reason why 2.5 million people shouldn’t all have a fair shot at a ticket at a reasonable deposit. I’m ticketless and absolutely gutted but I don’t feel the system needs changing. It’s fair, it’s just about luck. The festival is incredibly popular and that’s a great thing. As painful as it is I’m not losing hope after missing out, there are other options and I intend to get there.
  2. DropBeat

    Volunteering 2020

    Yep I think this is the route for me now. Did Oxfam this year and loved it. Hoping to get in again and have mates join me for next year. Wasn’t able to do a second event in 2019 so don’t have priority but hopeful. Just need to wait til Feb/Mar which is painful.
  3. Gutted to be ticketless again. But not giving up hope. Will look to go down the Oxfam route again as it served me well this year, and hopefully bring mates along for the ride too. Ticket day is so painful! Hope my luck returns next year as I miss the jubilation of paying that deposit! Don’t give up hope people, we got this.
  4. If anyone can help.. 1633768154 E14 7PZ 1561854982 E1 2PW 2793484845 E149BD 31165407 E149BD 80961151 E3 4QZ 2346208121 E11 2ES
  5. DropBeat

    Good Luck ALL !

    Good luck everyone!
  6. DropBeat

    Resale Club 2019

    Good luck everyone! 🤞
  7. I'm from the UK but currently travelling in South America. Staying up til 3am in Medellin to try for tickets. Currently midnight, difficult to explain to people in my hostel why I didn't want to go to a club tonight!
  8. Six. That’s more than enough to worry about! 😂
  9. Yeah the briefing was ott, but I enjoyed my first experience with them. That being said, I was massively fortunate with my shift patterns and had no need to go near the swap board. That would have changed my experience definitely. Found the atmosphere on shift to be better than expected, but probably down to luck again with the group I was in. The night shift tho, freezing!
  10. DropBeat

    Vampire Weekend

    They've really upped their game live, loved both sets. The new guitarist in particular is amazing, but they're all great.
  11. Really impressed, even though it feels a bit odd at the same time. Useful and well priced.
  12. DropBeat


    Been watching this from the hill on the park, can’t wait to see it in action at the weekend.
  13. Im currently on a coach to Bristol to meet the midday Oxfam bus! So excited! Hope to meet some of you there, as always efests has been amazing in the run up! Have a great Glastonbury all!
  14. Great to see Oxfam is still getting people in with less than a week to go! Congrats, can't imagine the rush you must be feeling! Hopefully see you there!
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