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  1. Review here https://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/bluedot/2022/review.shtml We were asked to take down all non-official-photographs of Bjork hence why they don't feature in review
  2. I’ve been in Verona for last 36 hours where it’s 42C and one of hottest days I’ve ever experienced. Just landed in London where it’s lovely and 28C and now bluedot forecast today (which I’m driving to) is 18C and rain!
  3. Review here We'll get full photo gallery added soon too https://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/others2022/2022/Lytham2022review.shtml
  4. Harry Styles Taylor Swift Bruce Springsteen AC/DC Dua Lipa Paul McCartney
  5. And here are some NOS Alive shots
  6. I've seen 5 Strokes shows this summer and they ranked: 1) Primavera 2) Lytham 3) Tempelhof Berlin 4) Rosendal Summer Party - Stockholm 5) NOS Alive I feel fortunate I missed Best Kept Secret / Roskilde / TRNSMT Glasgow as they have all had lousy reviews
  7. Some pics from the Strokes at Lytham last night More on my Instagram @raphph eFests review will be up this weekend.
  8. Not a single song from Tusk means Drop Me Out
  9. I camped out at the front of the Pyramid Stage from Easy Life all the way to Macca. Was never pushed or felt crushed once and I remarked to my fellow audience members that usually there’s a massive crush. At the back, my pals were having a torrid time.
  10. The view from Worthy View was missing! Now completely blocked by trees!
  11. RaphPH

    Crowd Etiquette

    My biggest pet hate is groups of people sitting down quite near the front of one of the packed main stages - it’s really quite dangerous and hems everyone in and created bottle necks and crushes. If you want to sit down well there’s plenty of room at the back.
  12. RaphPH

    Paul McCartney

    Sorry if you’ve seen me post this elsewhere - but I was a Beatles die-hard since my teens and have seen Macca around the world but I stayed at the Pyramid barrier at front from Easy Life onwards so I could capture these shots : Agree that first half of setlist wasn’t really a Greatest Hits set by any means - but he made up for it with second half!
  13. I had an amazing time amazing friends. Amazing bands. Weather could have been much, much worse. but the Glastonbury magic was a bit diminished this year because everything felt like an ordeal. Too many people everywhere. 2019 was the perfect GLASTO.
  14. Thanks - the latter - but lately being treated as the former - I have a day job (though I shoot for eFestivals!)
  15. RaphPH

    2023 Headliners

    Usually people visiting or doing guest slots are those who turn up to headline a year later. The Killers Barry Gibb Pet Shop Boys so I think Foos (if they sort out post-Taylor life) or Bruce S (who skipped UK on the new tour) seem a shout.
  16. Some photos I 📸 of great bands
  17. As I pack for Glastonbury Here are some photo albums Weekend 1 https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzVfkf The Strokes Weekend 2 https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzUNTP
  18. I remarked to a friend that the last Glastonbury was 3 years ago. I’ll take anything. It will be fun. We will have a great time.
  19. He loves me … He loves me not…
  20. I confess I don’t understand what any of you are talking about when it comes to weather summaries. I just try and guess the vibe…
  21. My experience of attending 2019 was that it was boiling all weekend even at night. No rain and I walked around in converse. Though the forecast for Sunday was rain and lows of 12
  22. This was the week before Glastonbury in 2019
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