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  1. https://www.loudersound.com/news/adrian-belew-teams-up-with-jerry-harrison-to-tour-remain-in-light
  2. https://www.loudersound.com/news/adrian-belew-teams-up-with-jerry-harrison-to-tour-remain-in-light
  3. Do we think Mercury winners Wolf Alice are in with a shot for this? Also - if APE can get Mumford - then Kings of Leon discounted?
  4. Just got two Ten Club tickets for Pearl Jam despite not being a member of anything at £89 each. Madness.
  5. RaphPH


    Most bands would be happy to not headline if Macca was above them on the bill. I mean The Killers are subbing Macca at TW Classic at Werchter in Belgium and they headlined Glasto last year! Aerosmith on before Macca is a great way of having a big band and not give them headliner.
  6. Surprised Strokes not down for this - they skipped Scandinavia this year and seemed to have been lined up / or have played every other Lollapalooza
  7. When she played 2 x Wembley Stadium last year it didn't sell much and I knew people in the industry who were given 100s of free tickets just to give away - I was given 10 free tickets myself (didn't go)
  8. If Strokes are playing Mad Cool etc I would have assumed shoe-in for this...
  9. Strokes doing a special Brooklyn show on NYE. I’ll be press for show. Possible they’ll announce things then and new album?
  10. I don't want it to be - but have we ruled out Taylor Swift?
  11. Wow I'm glad I have a Coachella ticket too!
  12. Am in Peru and just literally climbed up Machu Piccu and Wayna Piccu and had to race down for 2pm Peru time to book Worthy View. Got through after 25 mins on my 4G roaming in Peru at base of Machu Piccu. Harder than climbing the mountain !
  13. They are usually fine as long as not taking the mick - sometimes I've had over-zealous guards give me a bit of trouble - but it's a very good natured festival...not had any problems - just don't look like you are a militant photographer - look like a festivalgoer!
  14. RaphPH

    2020 headliners

    I attended that Desert Trip fest and the Neil and Macca day was fantastic - I shot the below
  15. RaphPH

    2020 headliners

    If that weird Michael video saying Neil Young playing is true. Then Neil likely to sub Macca (they did at Desert Trip on same day lineup - and did a duet.
  16. RaphPH

    2020 headliners

    I can’t wait to see Macca. He’s my must see for Glasto but even I’d love it if that was announcing a new album called GLASS STONE BERRY
  17. RaphPH

    2020 headliners

    I’m at some festival in Mexico where the Strokes headlined and Franz F were on before them last night and were absolutely brilliant. Headliner today Billie Eilish
  18. Bikini Kill look like they are doing Euro summer dates.
  19. RaphPH

    2020 headliners

    There's also rumours that Stones are playing Twickenham in summer... and didn't @eFestivals Neil claim that his "good source" had The Stones down (albeit with Led Zeppelin)?
  20. Next summer don't forget there's 3 x Twickenham stadium gigs London Stadium Gigs (West Ham) BST Hyde Park x 6 Wembley Stadium gigs and a new Tottenham Hotspur stadium and also Emirates Stadium
  21. RaphPH

    2020 headliners

    And from the never played Madonna Taylor Swift Strokes Pearl Jam Kendrick Elton
  22. RaphPH

    2020 headliners

    Based on circultaing rumours - Emily saying Two headliners have never played before rules in either Coldplay / Macca / Neil Young
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