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  1. For next year? Or was that just this year due to Covid.
  2. On one of the Lytham Festival emails - it said The Strokes are "exclusive north of England show" which means I guess that there's a "south of England" show lined up....That could be All Points East, both because Strokes are playing Prima twice and also because of the sound farce of last time (and The Strokes day sold out)
  3. Elton has now postponed all his O2 dates for this year to 2023
  4. Strokes were heavily rumoured in 2019
  5. Just added The Strokes and Tears For Fears - don't think anyone saw the Strokes coming...
  6. Looking forward to this - most of the dates closed to selling out now..
  7. Let’s be honest. This year was successful with that lineup because we were starved of anything and would have taken anything.
  8. Lorde is playing 3 nights at Roundhouse and one huge night at Ally Pally - I doubt she'll play APE
  9. Although the two x weekends of Primavera have what I would deem to be 90% of the likely lineup for APE..It may be easier for them to do May/June So far, Nick Cave has announced Europe but no UK dates.
  10. I confess, that standing at the front 📸 IDLES - it felt odd being pelted with beer at 13:30 in the afternoon... Every third T-shirt was an IDLES t-shirt...all mysteriously disappeared by the early evening...
  11. Friends reported that there's a multi-combo deal when you buy Elton - you get cheaper Duran Duran or Pearl Jam tickets as a combo
  12. Saw Dry Cleaning last night in Kingston! Very enjoyable! Should be a belter of a day today.
  13. Playing, if I believe correctly, on Glasto Friday...
  14. If McCartney headlines Glasto I imagine he’s a good shout for this. Though I say that every year.
  15. I really feel for festival organisers. Limited funds. Staff dropping out due to Covid. Hard getting staff anyway. Bands pulling out. Bombarded with questions and certain entitled punters throughout whilst trying to keep It together. I’ll be there on Friday and I hope it’s a great success. It’s nice they’ve replaced bands. Loads of festivals don’t even bother so late in the day. Just wish I wasn’t bothering to see Dry Cleaning in Kingston tomorrow night now.
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