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  1. RaphPH

    The Strokes?

    I haven't heard anything UK related but that doesn't mean no...I didn't want to push my luck on info... but if they play the UK I'll have a ticket at least
  2. RaphPH

    The Strokes?

    Through a series of fortunate events, I've managed to become an unnofficial Strokes photographer at their shows (landed Belfast / Roundhouse / L'Olympia / couldn't make the Berlin one) - Albert used my picture on his instagram yesterday Anyway - through chatting to my sources don't think Glasto is happening this year...but they do want to headline it one day..Or they are double bluffing me
  3. RaphPH

    The Strokes?

    I spent the whole gig thinking that The Strokes are now fronted by a 1980s Tim Robbins
  4. RaphPH

    The Strokes?

    Much better than Paris last night.
  5. Rod is joined by Kenny J and Ronnie W of the Faces as a reunion guest spot! I would have thought they'd be a Hyde Park shoe-in - but Ronnie only finishes his US tour with the Stones two days before
  6. That was deffo a classic Glasto set - here's my fave shot that I took - of the band pointing at the fireworks
  7. RaphPH

    The Strokes?

    I actually really enjoyed that Reading and when they brought on Jarvis it felt bloody good. Though they were so late I missed the last train to London and had to pay £100 for a taxi.
  8. RaphPH

    The Strokes?

    Obviously I'm a Strokes fanboy so you can render what I say useless but... They've headlined Hyde Park twice in last 15 years and when they announced All Points East last year it quickly sold out and none of the other dates did I think maybe Chemical Brothers much much later. Tout tickets for Strokes were above face value for APE. And last year and this year they are essentially headlining every major festival in the world bar Coachella / Glasto (Prima / all the Lollapaloozas / Open'er / Electric Picnic / Sziget / Flow / Way Out West / Governor's Ball ) I understand why they get a hammering here and lots of it is deserved as they've been a shambles for a large part of it; I'm genuinely surprised that Reading didn't book them as they were playing Scandinavia a couple of weeks before. Whilst Kings Of Leon and Killers have sold more, it surely stands to reason that if they can headline Glasto and other fests multiples times than surely The Strokes also have earned their chance. I just hope they play Glasto in a year that I get tickets; I'll be seeing them at least 8 times this year anyway so I'm happy.
  9. RaphPH

    The Strokes?

    The prices for Belfast were £49.50 and that sold out instantly and crashed their site
  10. Agreed - I would have thought that the whole point of Hyde Park chasing the middle-aged/middle-class punters was so they could charge £££ for the legacy acts - Streisand / Roger Waters / Carole King etc etc Am also surprised no Macca but that would mean all 3 Glasto headliners...
  11. RaphPH

    The Strokes?

    Check out youtube videos of The Adults Are Talking..
  12. RaphPH

    The Strokes?

    Fingers crossed I'm on Photo Pass list for London / Paris / Belfast (can't make the Germany one due to seeing The Who in Kingston)
  13. RaphPH

    The Strokes?

    When that happens they usually will have quotas for each members block at the same time...
  14. RaphPH

    The Strokes?

    19th confirmed https://shopuk.thestrokes.com/
  15. RaphPH

    The Strokes?

    The 19th or Saturday 22nd seem likely The Growlers are on the same label as them and playing the Roundhouse on the 21st - and the 22nd is the Saturday and free - and the Strokes play Belfast on 24th... So that seems likely too.
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