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  1. Went to this - thoroughly enjoyed The Strokes and the organisation of the festival with every band keeping to time on different stages. Also grateful that they pitted The 1975 against The Strokes as it meant the Strokes crowd had far fewer bellends. Pics of Strokes here https://flic.kr/s/aHsmFn1Rd3
  2. Macca Gaga David Gilmour Spice Girls Fleetwood Mac Queen + Adam Lambert
  3. Saw The 1975 and Marina. I only landed around 3pm
  4. I flew to Open'er just to see The Strokes - throroughly rained on and I was RIGHT AT THE FRONT for them - can see photos here https://flic.kr/s/aHsmEYAZJw No rain at all at Glasto - and then thoroughly rained on the week after - was so wet I didn't stick around for Stormzy... I had to suffer The 1975 too... It felt like a huge main stage plonked in middle of nowhere - Taxi system was cheap and efficient though
  5. Neil Young being on before Bob Dylan is because Dylan is obsessed with no one taking his photo and so he'll wait until it gets darker....If you've seen him in an Arena it's near total darkness and poorly lit on purpose... I'm imagine 15 mins into the set, that the BST crowd, if they don't know what they'll get from Bob, will flee Hyde Park in big numbers... I'm seeing them both in Kilkenny on Sunday instead
  6. RaphPH

    2019 Headliners

    So according to the Guardian, Killers were third choice behind two heritage acts.... I assume one was Fleetwood Mac - who was the other? Neil Young? Elton? Eagles? Strokes?(!)
  7. I had a brilliant time. I finished by seeing Roisin Murphy and then went straight to airport and got 7am flight back to London. Haven’t slept.
  8. Have two Mumford tickets in my dice app that I can screen grab the QR code if anyone wants. First person to make any donation to efestivals.
  9. Still BMTH tickets on O2 priority available
  10. so have they made the VIP section smaller at front of stages?
  11. Friend: I’m doing some of the displays for Hyde park this year. Streisand. Stevie Wonder. Me: Stevie hasn’t been announced ! Friend: oh yeah whoops! Was told not to tell anyone.
  12. You only need to see the s**tshow of something like Finsbury Park last year to appreciate Hyde Park as a concert venue. It tends to be lucky with the weather - and I've seen some fantastic shows there over the years: Roger Waters The Killers / Tears For Fears / Elbow Strokes / Beck / Future Islands Rolling Stones Stevie Wonder Carole King doing Tapesty etc etc but I think you have to be willing to spend the money to get close - I would hate the experience if I was in GA - you are better off just sitting outside the fence... I have no doubt Streisand will be fantastic and I cannot wait... It's also fairly easy to get out of - there are loads of tubes around - I usually walk to Bond St and hop on Jubilee Line to london bridge
  13. Dunno where else to write it - but Madge at Wembley - not sure it will be Wembley I read an interview a couple of weeks ago from someone like "Head of events at Wembley" where he said there were three more concerts to reveal with two artists. Meaning one of the artists would be playing twice. Since then, BTS and The Who have both been announced. And I doubt the Who will play a second night.. So maybe Madge will play London Stadium? I presume Twickenham has filled their 3 gig quota for the year.. Or Madge BST Hyde Park after all
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