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  1. Think this is pretty much it. History echoing through time once again.
  2. Yeah. Unless I’m very unlucky* I don’t see much anti-Lockdown or anti-Vaxx stuff on TV. The protests the other week got very little publicity, I haven’t seen Heneghan anywhere (barring the odd teeth grinding Retweet) in months. I assume they still have their own Twitter echo chambers but they certainly aren’t feeding into the I-Sage/Sky/Guardian/Pagel/Sridhar circle. *used uncomfortably, as I don’t actually want to
  3. There are but they’re not getting anywhere near the same oxygen of publicity as Independent SAGE. I don’t see Ian Brown or, IDK, Jim Corr, on the TV as much as I see Pagel and King. And it’s OK saying they come at it from a Scientific POV, but if they want to be pushing that POV it either needs to be counterbalanced or they need to be tested on the effects out with ‘just stop Covid at all costs.’
  4. Unless that book documents an actual timeline that can categorically demonstrate that following Indie SAGE advice would have been beneficial it is also an opinion. However it can’t, because that didn’t happen. Which is why it’s easy for anyone to dish out advice and recommendations when they don’t have to deal with the consequences and claim to be right when that will never be tested.
  5. But that isn’t proof of anything. That’s you saying what you *think* makes them right. We don’t actually know what the effect of following their timeline would have been on the course of the Pandemic or all the thousands of other things Independent SAGE (and other similar loose cannons) don’t take into Account. It’s easy to dish out recommendations when the quality of them can never be proven or disproven.
  6. But that misses the point that they’re free to scream as hard as they want for restrictions and will get airtime because they’re the go to for such arguments. Then, when the Government doesn’t follow them because they have much more to take into account, claim that they have been right because that’s impossible to prove or disprove. It’s the easiest job in the world but because it is always criticism that noise just becomes meaningless and counter productive. They add nothing of value beyond scaring people, sometimes-e.g.the Brazilian and SA Variants-unnecessarily.
  7. Furlough is very flexible and (with consideration to Union agreements) can be used with pretty much no notice. Of course that doesn’t help businesses that have to order perishable stock.
  8. How have they been proved right? Care to show us the alternate timeline you’ve seen?
  9. Yes but I expect the PM to be taking into account all sorts of advice. He’s got elected representatives at the other extreme end of the debate to Independent SAGE, he’s got SAGE and subsidiary bodies, the Treasury, the Cabinet and public opinion to a degree. It’s hard to see the value of a BTEC version of SAGE that are free to dish out advice without any regard to the consequences or any of the restrictions on Media briefing that apply (or should apply) to official Government bodies. Combine that with the phenomenal amount of coverage they’re given by News sources/Social Media posters that are also anti-Government and the fearful, febrile emotions of some of the public and they have a relevance and impact much greater than they warrant.
  10. It’s really not. It’s been apparent for a long time that Independent SAGE are politically motivated, and that they’re given a considerable amount of airtime to push their viewpoints.
  11. You’re gonna be gutted when it’s Dave Beasant
  12. I had to have a similar cull last year but still get friends Retweeting Ivor Cummins and co. Trying to get rid of him and Pagel was like whack a mile until I just set up another Account that doesn’t follow any news/Covid feeds at all. I mean, it’s all still endless arguments about Games, football, music, comedy etc because it’s Twitter but at least not about Covid or Politics
  13. So there’s different opinions even on a subject like that, is what we’ve established there? So ‘duh but listen to de experts’ doesn’t work?
  14. This absolutely hits the nail on the head. They behave like an opposition party, not a Scientific group. They can call for whatever they want no matter how unrealistic or impractical and if the Government doesn’t/can’t do it they have something to criticise. Which is stupid as there’s plenty to criticise the Government for without making every single thing a point of failure. That’s when people stop listening.
  15. A nonsensical statement given the difference of opinions among ‘experts’ on almost any subject
  16. @Matt42 Good point about them technically being third down! I agree on all of that, they could definitely be higher, being a Friend of the fest could work in terms of getting a high placing too, though it’s unlikely Emily is going to struggle to fill slots next year. One of the reasons it being even harder to guess than normal. Using the very unscientific measure that ‘I Don’t Wanna’ is my 3-year-old sons favourite song, they’ve definitely penetrated the mainstream.
  17. We wouldn’t be able to go outside for weeks if all the midges started dropping out of the sky. Loch Lomond would burst its banks.
  18. Yeah they do like to mix it up don’t they? I remember in 2010 it was Scissor Sisters/Muse on the Pyramid and Editors/Pet Shop Boys on the Other. We watched both Other Stage acts and I think we were the only ones-the stages pretty much swapped crowds 😀. Did we ever find out who was supposed to sub Swifty? I can see them getting bumped to second if she wants a say in who plays before her (like Radiohead with Flaming Lips or (IIRC) the Stones with Primal Scream). I could also see them working really well after D Ross into an on-paper-wildly-inappropriate Sub like Nick Cave. I often misjudge these things but I thought 4th was maybe a bit low for HAIM even below 3 really big acts and given their prominence on LAWF a step up could happen IMuninformedO.
  19. I’ve got it in my head they’re going to be bumped to Sunday and higher up. Especially if Swift is back. This is based on nothing but guesswork obv.
  20. I still think Saturday is likely to be Aerosmith-Noel-Macca. Crowded House could play 5th down with something non-Dad rock (Jorja Smith? AJ Tracey?) between.
  21. Unless the midges can catch Covid off her. Scotland will be wiped out within days if the midges get the Plague.
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