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  1. Everything crossed for that. Surely this is the time.
  2. She may well be right. But she’s cried Wolf too many times with the constant over dramatic scaremongering. I don’t believe anything she says, so I’ll wait to see that from a better source.
  3. That feels quite promising as it’s despite Glasgow dropping a level on June 5 which allowed pubs to serve booze again.
  4. He highlights the following bit-“supports whatever we’ve decided we’d like to be true, and then forums, groups and comment sections act like little mutual affirmation societies” Which is entirely true. Everyone is capable of falling into an echo chamber that validates their own beliefs and gives them a misleading impression of their popularity. Most people don’t even realise it (I include myself in that).
  5. I wonder if they’ve considered at least offering the AZ to younger groups, while understanding if they say no? If supply of the others is the issue free things up that way.
  6. Quite right. That video of Watt being harassed was depressing in the extreme.
  7. Probably makes sense from their POV. No point objecting for the sake of it, better save the argument for July.
  8. Has this thread entirely dissolved into Trolling and Sock Puppets now?
  9. Does this place really need any more wind up merchants trying to provoke a reaction?
  10. “We’ve got an awkward policy to announce, what can we do to convince people” ”Hang on, I’m just calling Yougov”
  11. That’s not wildly enthusiastic actually. They used to be finding 80%+ supporting Lockdowns.
  12. So sorry to hear that. All the best to you and her.
  13. We have to remember fear is a powerful force. It’s been a really frightening 15 months and that affects people in different ways. Some are going to take longer to get over this, if they ever will. We also have loud voices in the media promoting that fear, because bad news gets more attention than good. As for the delay itself, I can’t see there being much change in 4 weeks so it’s likely to be a very long time now before we see any significant further reductions (the Scottish Government is already proposing retaining Emergency powers until next year). If that’s what the public wants, OK, but at some point we need to shift the balance back from ‘lifting restrictions needs to be justified’ to ‘having restrictions needs to be justified.’ It needs to move from ‘Government knows best, follow the rules’ to ‘this is the situation, everyone take responsibility.’ The longer it goes on the harder it is going to be to burst that fear bubble.
  14. Whatever people may think of the Sun they’re usually pretty good with stuff like this, and Cole has contacts.
  15. Yeah you’re right, sorry, I took it as a 4 week delay.
  16. FWIW my Boss was in a meeting yesterday that included a couple of DfT people and they kept referring to the start of the (English) school holidays, which I think is 4 weeks away.
  17. That’s exactly it, thanks very much
  18. Does anywhere track the actual number of inpatients with Covid? Because while you’d think it’s a given that rising admissions greatly increases pressure on the NHS it may not be the case if they’re all, say, younger people who don’t stay long. I assume the pressure is starting to build but it’s dangerous to assume.
  19. She is. And it’s relevant. Nothing to do with Toby Young.
  20. Seriously? You honestly think that is a worthwhile reply? Good grief. She said it on TV. In the clip above.
  21. Spot on. Michie is a member of the Communist Party BTW. When you see stuff like this on TV it’s harder to dismiss some of the conspiracy theorists. There are people who want to use this to bring about deep changes to society.
  22. https://twitter.com/peterdonaghy/status/1402314196822511619?s=20
  23. They can never lose. They get to go on TV, make everything into a Government failure, scare people, avoid questions that have to be asked of actual Government policy and not trifle with any consequences. People hold up as fact that they’re absolutely right even when that’s unproven. If they’re wrong? So what.
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