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  1. The Government would have to feel very strongly about locking down a 70% vaccinated population. Enough to bring back Furlough and all the other Economic support, as well as open a massive can of worms. I’m not sure it’s there.
  2. That genie isn’t going back in the bottle. Even if they start closing things people aren’t going to separate themselves from friend and loved ones. They did that, they’ve had their Vaccinations. It isn’t happening.
  3. When even Laura K is sticking the boot in you know it’s the most spectacular of fuck ups.
  4. To be fair that’s the Mirror being sensationalist dickheads. He doesn’t say any such thing.
  5. Tory leaders always put Party first. It’s one of the things that makes them so good at winning elections. Whereas a lot of the Labour Party seem to absolutely hate it.
  6. Unless Sunak turns the Furlough taps on I can’t see that happening
  7. My worry is if they don’t seize the agenda now, the Tories will. We’ll pay the price like we did when Labour totally surrendered the narrative over the Financial Crash in 09/10 and years of Austerity followed. If they do that they could use it to sink the NHS using the justification that ‘it can’t cope, it isn’t fit for purpose etc’ and sell it off. I’m not 100% saying they will but everything’s up in the air at the minute.
  8. Very interesting. Why aren’t more people on the left using this Pandemic to start a campaign for a big increase in NHS Capacity? Rather than trying to prove the Government wrong over something that in reality will find a lot of support? Or trying to ‘win the argument’ on Twitter? Surely if ever there was a time when people could see the benefits this is it? Hello, Labour? Anyone there?
  9. Yes I totally agree. Brexit was the klaxon for me on that front. Then when I saw many Corbynistas absolutely convinced they were going to win the 2019 election because of the numbers he had at rally’s and the size of their Twitter echo chamber. Since then I’ve been trying really hard to mix up who I follow and it’s made it more interesting, even if it’s also left me with a feeling of political homelessness. Ultimately it’s down to personal choice but if you only see people that agree with you on Twitter (or even worse, block those who think differently) you aren’t seeing the full picture and are going to get a shock at some point.
  10. The worst thing is I feel like it’s ‘my’ side trying to turn it into some sort of culture war. All these people I followed because they were smart, forceful Remainers now talking absolute bilge. Sigh.
  11. I can certainly understand keeping masks on public transport. It’s unavoidable and puts people in close proximity, often for a sustained period of times. Shops and pubs seem less of an issue to me.
  12. The Cure were absolutely magnificent. Sound was unbelievable, great setlist. I wasn’t a huge fan beforehand but I was much more of one after. If we’re talking actual bad sets-Motörhead 2015. Nothing about it made any sense to anyone. Suede, Pyramid, 2003. Normally a great live band but they were really off colour. Bretts constant desperate exhortations to the crowd for a reaction were excruciating to watch. Morrissey 2011. As grey and miserable an evening as Glastonbury has ever had. Credit to his band though for ruthless consistency. There doesn’t seem to be a Smiths song they can’t drain all the life from. Primal Scream, Pyramid, 2013. I’m not convinced anyone on stage (bar HAIM) or in the field enjoyed that. The sub slot is tricky at the best of times but they really crashed and burned.
  13. Brexit Britain. Keep the buggers out.
  14. The use of ‘irreversible’ seems naive in the extreme. “should I say that? Could that come back to bite me on the arse? No. Can’t think of any potential problems there at all”
  15. The less people care the better. The more conditioned people are the better. “I’ve followed the rules less last three weeks anyway, might as well relax them. Makes no odds to me”
  16. It is convenient but I think it’ll work the other way. Remember how much they like ‘nudging’ the public. It’ll help coax more people into disregarding the rules and makes relaxation on the 19th more likely.
  17. I agree logically, though they’ve surprised me plenty of times over the last year
  18. Meanwhile in Scotland, the CMO signalling a change in direction/emphasis
  19. It’s completely unenforceable, I think it’s just a bit of posturing to put off those who follow the rules very precisely. Funny thing is from my POV I’ve now noticed that the law specifically refers to the City Council areas of Manchester and Salford. Despite having a Manchester postcode my family are in Tameside, the neighbouring Council Area, as is our AirBNB. In fact it’s outside Manchester by about 500 yards 😀 👍
  20. 😂😂 If that’s the extreme ninja level of heroism involved I’ll leave it
  21. I’ve read a lot of books about the Berlin Wall and people trying to cross it. Seemed like a hobby at first but now it’s going to pay off!
  22. It’s guidance from the English Government but she’s written it into Scottish law.
  23. That’s my recollection too. Not sure if they’ve ever been doing much in the way of festivals before though I could be wrong. So I’m hopeful for next year. Their politics certainly align with the festival.
  24. She’s finally spun off her axis. I’m someone with a very vested interest in this as I’m from Manchester but live in Renfrew and am due in Manchester on Monday for a week that includes my 7-year-old celebrating his birthday with his (double jabbed) Grandparent and Aunt. So I’ve finally reached the point where I’m outright ignoring the rules….
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