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    This is what I think
  2. Last football match I went to I couldn’t process the irony in people being told to sit down when standing up to sing, but the bloke in front of me holding up a f**king IPad the whole match? Yeah that’s fine.
  3. Yeah I had a flick through. Ronson was surprisingly enjoyable. Eilish-safe to say I don’t get it. I kept thinking ‘this is gonna get good....any second....there must be something to warrant the hype’ but nothing. Not for me. Sigrid-pretty good and hoo boy has she got some tunes. Foals-sounded good but looked really uncomfortable Vampire Weekend-looked uncomfortable and sounded poor as well. The 1975- <Alan Partridge shrug gif> Pale Waves - nah Stormzy-decent but I still won’t be watching at Glastonbury Miley Cyrus - Possibly preferred her Dad
  4. Fantastic thanks. I’ve just been painstakingly using Street View up that road to suss it out. Think I must have been past it many a time but I’m usually driving.

    Hot Chip

    This mans right. It’s the Coldplay phenomenon. If you believed this forum there’d be nobody there except a few people booing. In reality they usually eat everyone else’s lunch, crowd-wise. Same with the Las Vegas Duran Duran, it’ll be between them and Kylie for biggest crowd of the weekend. Like many others on here I won’t be there to verify that statement as I’ll probably be at the Chems. I love the ‘Chip but I think they might struggle.
  6. Cheers folks. One of these is what I’m after, I reckon.
  7. Cheers. Might give that a go if the kids are awake, not if he young ones still sleeping though. Not a chance I’m waking him up! ?
  8. Hello, this may seem an odd question but I’ll be driving from Bristol Airport to Basingstoke on June 13. If I wanted to detour past Worthy Farm just to have a look from the car where would be the best point? Obviously I know I won’t be able to get too close at that point. Thanks in advance.
  9. I literally had no idea who she was until the Glastonbury line up was announced. Same with Rex Orange County. Sign of age (and having young kids) I guess. I’m used to not knowing plenty of acts on the line up but this is the first time I have never heard of what might be two headliners. (shouts at cloud)
  10. Neither did he, I’m just saying that it isn’t people pulling it out of thin air. There is something pointing in that direction.
  11. Not quite. Neil has one bit of info that put Foals as Other headliners Friday. Don’t think he was taking it too seriously though and hasn’t updated the line-up page.
  12. 2013. Zane Lowe got to open his evening show with the Stones/Arctics/Mumfords. It was a cool moment. The news finished and he said something like ‘and your first Glastonbury headliner is’, then the opening bars of ‘Satisfaction ‘ had me jumping round my living room.
  13. Not even a please. Apparently 4G has rotted some people’s basic manners synapses. I dread to think what 5G will do!!1!
  14. This was my first thought. Never heard of them until recently but loving their album
  15. Sam Fender is on Leftfield. Or is he doing more than 1 set?
  16. May 31st it is then. Pretty typical date IIRC. Hopefully they squeeze a few more small announcements in before then.
  17. Glasgow is brilliant for gigs generally (as a non-native Glasgow resident) but this summer especially. Got Doves, Foos, The Cure, 2 nights at The National and if I can pull some strings at work would love to add Suede at Kelvingrove and Hot Chip at Rouken Glen
  18. This could change tomorrow but for now I’ll go with REM 2003 Bon Iver 2009 (Park) Blur 2009 Coldplay 2011 Stones 2013 On another day Radiohead 2003, Gaslight Anthem 2009, Flaming Lips/The National/Pet Shop Boys/Stevie 2010, Elbow 2011, Chic 2013, Hot Chip 2015 and LCD 2016 would be in there.
  19. *You* can. However politics has been a part of Glastonbury pretty much since Day 1 and it’s brilliant that others can choose not to leave it at the gate.
  20. Have to be honest, as someone who’s been fascinated by politics since 1987 and has spent masses of the last year gorging on Brexit, I’m having nothing to do with it at Glastonbury. It’s great that it’s a part of the festival but I’m exercising my democratic right to ignore the increasing darkness for a few days.
  21. It’s priced at about double what I would have paid. Maybe others feel the same.
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