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  1. Looking forward to the new Loyle Carner and Jade Bird albums tomorrow. Have enjoyed the singles so far so hoping for more of the same
  2. New one from The Amazons and news of album release date being 24 May. If you liked their first album then this one is sounding more of the same. Hopefully they will announce a tour for autumn too
  3. Royal Blood (45) +5Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes (10) -5
  4. Just discovered Franc Moodys latest single She’s Too Good for Me. Hadn’t heard of them before so had a listen to some of the back catalogue and was very impressed. Felt like a laid back funky electronic vibe, but some songs also sounded a bit like Parcels. Good stuff
  5. Another mention for Brewdog Jet Black Heart which I find perfectly enjoyable at room temp. Dead Pony Club the grapefruit IPA is good but also quite weak as a session ale so Elvis Juice is probably the better fruity IPA as it’s much stronger but can get sickly. For non flavoured IPAs I think Camden Town IPA is still very good at room temp although can’t beat it ice cold. I struggle to enjoy lager unless it’s cold these days, and the cheap lagers although the price is more tempting really aren’t worth the money saved in my opinion.
  6. The 1975 (40) -5Foo Fighters (60) Royal Blood (68) A Day To Remember (35) Anderson Paak & The Free Nationals (6) Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes (81) The Distillers (61) CHVRCHES (50)Enter Shikari (60) Sundara Karma (40) Twin Atlantic (40)The Amazons (35) +5Boston Manor (40) The Story So Far (36) The Maine (20) Fidlar (10) The Chats (46) SWMRS (40) PUP (40) Basement (40)Black Honey (35) +5 The Japanese House (30) +5
  7. Quick spin of Anteros and Ex Hex this morning on the drive to work. Lots to like from both but agree with the redone versions from a Anteros EP not being as good as they could have been, would also have put The Beat on ahead of some that did make it. Will give them another go over the weekend
  8. Haven’t seen a thread for this one and don’t know a huge amount about it. First announcement looks pretty good and some good stuff on past line ups. Would be keen to hear from anyone who has been before as to their thoughts on the festival?
  9. Happy with this years line up. Lots i’d like to see but also lots to discover. Noticed the beer sponsor at the bottom of the website is Camden Town brewery which makes a nice change from carlsberg at most of the big ones. Just need day and stage splits now, can’t imagine any more big names to be announced
  10. Billjames7


    I don’t usually like commenting on a new album until I’ve given it at least 3 proper spins as I find opinion can change however after 2 listens this album is a cracker. If this was released end of last year I definitely think they’d be in with a shot of headlining Glastonbury, however maybe it’s a bit late unless they took a punt. Mad to see the festivals they are headlining this year, those festivals have hit the jackpot for their size!
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