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  1. Another new single from YONAKA. Back to their usual heavier sound and much stronger than their last single for me
  2. New from Franc Moody. Very nice
  3. Great effort! I did my first (and only) half at the Bath half 2 years ago in 1:50:09 and felt gutted about those 9 seconds. The experience put me off and I’ve stuck to 10k since but enough time has passed for me to want to try and break 1:50 this year
  4. Black Honey tour announced for October. Could be a birthday weekend in the toon for me
  5. The Vaccines Cosy Karaoke vol 1 out today. Some really nice easy listening covers. Bit disappointed with KOL, I like stuff from across their whole back catalogue so I’m not one of those crying out for a repeat of album 1 but nothing that memorable although it was nice background music. Will give it a few more goes to see if anything sticks or grows
  6. Elder Island have rescheduled for October/November. Definitely won’t be missing this one
  7. 1. Django Django 2. SG Lewis 3. The Weather Station At the start of the Feb looking at what was to come I wasn't feeling that excited but been another strong month of releases. Tough to narrow it down to 3, just missing out were Ghetts, The Hold Steady, Maximo Park, Julien Baker and Cassandra Jenkins!
  8. Yeah I know a few people that watched a few episodes then gave up but I’ll stick with it after the positive comments on here. Also going to rewatch El Camino, I don’t remember it in detail but remember I enjoyed it first time around
  9. I’ve made my way through it for the third time and I think it gets better each time. Only got the last episode to go which I’ll watch tonight. I never gave better call Saul a go though but think I will this time!
  10. Really decent album from Roosevelt, didn’t have this on my radar at all until seeing it mentioned in here. Could be a contender for top 3 of the month after a few more spins
  11. Giving the new Balthazar album a go based purely on the album artwork. That’s how I feel I look waiting patiently for live music and festivals to restart
  12. Another cosy karaoke release from The Vaccines today, this time a cover of Fire by Waxahatchee. After initially being a bit unsure of their QOTSA cover I’m actually really enjoying these covers they’re releasing!
  13. No worries, glad you like it! As others have said, definitely recommend checking out their other albums they've released some really solid stuff. I love the first album, it was a CD that got wedged in my old car CD player so got played every journey but I didnt get bored of it and same as Priest I still seem to know every word! I only got around to seeing them live for the first time in Nov 2019, their tour dates never seemed to fall well for me but really good fun live and only £11. Some of their lyrics are brilliant and Fred's humour definitely carries through to his post song patter.
  14. Just noticed that Spector brought out their third album earlier this week. Its actually just consolidating their previous 3 EPs in one album with one new song but nice to have it all in one place. Warming up with a spin of that before getting into anything new today
  15. Just watched the first part of the 2 part documentary about Tiger Woods. Highly recommend, Mrs Baggins was more hooked than me and she hates golf! Takes you through the rise and fall and rise of one of the worlds greatest ever sportsmen.
  16. A third single from Elder Island this week and announcement of their second album due out end of May. Can already see this will be getting a lot of sunny day garden plays this summer, love that they have released a B side alongside each single too. Getting a mix of funk, house and dreamy electronic sounds from the singles so far, feels like a slight progression from their debut sound but still very much them.
  17. 1. Bicep - Isles 2. Arlo Parks - Collapsed in Sunbeams 3. Baio - Dead Hand Control Goat Girl and Kiwi Jr just missing out on top 3 spots for me, strong start to the year.
  18. Just checked this out and it’s brilliant, could creep into my top 3 for the month! Not dissimilar to JARV IS and also getting a Spector vibe at times, both right up my street. Thanks for sharing
  19. Very much looking forward to Arlo Parks and Black Honey, although pretty sure Black Honeys has been delayed until 19 March. Decent first month of 2021 either way
  20. Yeah they're the ones I have. To be fair if I wear a base layer under my top and tuck the cable down the back it stays still and I get less noise but I have noticed it in a looser top where it can bounce around a bit. Going to stick with them for another couple of months and try to go cableless once I've done more research!
  21. How do you find them to run in? I skipped past the idea of over head headphones as I thought they would bounce around and went for in-ear Sony with a cable that hangs around your neck. The sound is good but they don’t stay in very well and get a lot of running shirt rustle when the cable rubs against my top which seems to create a lot of noise somehow. On the hunt for some totally cableless in-ear headphones or potentially over head
  22. New single from YONAKA out today Seize the Power. Big fan of their EPs and album but not so sure on this one. Hopefully a sign that more new music on its way
  23. Yeah some of the Garmin watches store music, I know the Fenix, Venu, and some of the Forerunner models have this. You can link them to your spotify, deezer or amazon accounts and download playlists, albums and podcasts to your watch and listen through bluetooth headphones. I think you can upload your own MP3s aswell but I haven't tried this way. I spent a bit extra on the watch than I'd planned so went for some cheaper headphones which was a bad move! Next investment will be some decent headphones that are comfy, cancel out the wind and actually stay in/on my ears! I'd be interested if anyone has any running headphone recommendations in here?
  24. I also made the switch from Fitbit to a Garmin Venu at Christmas. Love that you can load music to it and it has its own GPS so no need to carry a phone. Got into a really good running routine pushing for a sub 20 5k until my partner tested positive so no activity for 10 days. Nothing beats a good playlist or album to run to, one of my favourites to run to is Amyl and the Sniffers
  25. Big fan of Bicep album, straight to the top of my AOTM. Really enjoyed shame after a few more listens but not sure how much I’ll go back to it, although I’d love to see them live. Not a bad start to the year at all music wise
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