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  1. Really pleased with this news. Pulp are my favourite band that I havent managed to see live so will definitely be making every effort to change that in 2023. Have also been reading Jarvis's book Good Pop Bad Pop the last few days which I highly recommend

  2. I quite like that there were no screens. For the busier acts I saw there (ConMan, Jack White) I found entering from around the back of the soundstage to the left and filtering in. On a downslope and good view and sound. Level with the soundstage it appeared rammed but a bit further forward there was more room in the standing crowd. Wasn’t there for Wet Leg but on tv this did look the busiest set there 

  3. Friday

    Libertines - Halloweens - Confidence Man - Wolf Alice - Sam Fender - Foals


    Easy Life - Metronomy - Glass Animals - Noel Gallagher - Jamie T


    Lianne la Havas - Jack White - Kendrick Lamar

  4. I saw 4 seperate lads pulled out of the crowd for the Libertines on the Other stage early on Friday for setting off flares. Security marched them out just infront of me and one of the lads said they had to have a hearing with possible eviction but he was arguing it was just a smoke flare. Doesn’t seem worth the risk at 11.30am on the Friday

  5. 7 minutes ago, WS_Jack_III said:

    Can't wait, I've been so on edge about not being able to go to the London shows following the festival. It'll be the 23rd time I've seen him across all his bands, still as excited about it as the first time I saw The White Stripes at Glastonbury in 2005!

    I’m the same re. missing his London shows and was considering trying to get to a show in Europe but price and other July plans are making that tricky. I’ve never managed to see him live before, really hoping this info is solid. Will hugely improve my otherwise average looking Sunday 

  6. Dry Cleaning v Wolf Alice

    Amyl and the Sniffers v Diana Ross

    Seeing Sam Fender and Fontaines later this year which has helped avoid further clashes at the festival

  7. Just now, BFisherr said:

    Also, I'm a foals fan but they are not sounding particularly good here, backing vocals are ropey and Yannis seems a bit fed up, whole thing just comes across a bit flat? 

    I thought the same about sounding a bit flat especially first two songs yannis guitar seemed too quiet but could just be the bbc mix being off. Nothing at all wrong with their sound when I saw them live last month. And I can imagine they will be way more up for it at Glasto than at big weekend

  8. On 5/17/2022 at 8:59 AM, Acid Loafers said:

    Any suggestions for red box wine?

    I saw some called McGuigan Estate, 225cl for £14.75 at Sainsburys. Looked decent, probably will go with that tbh. 

    Always find the difficult bit with Box wine, is that I'd have to buy a box just to taste/test it 😅


    5 hours ago, Chrisp1986 said:

    Jam Shed Shiraz is lovely. 13 quid in morissons 

    Another vote for Jam Shed Shiraz I’ll be bringing a box of this. Added bonus you can pick up a bottle for about £6 to taste test before committing to the box

  9. I’ve changed my mind a few times this week between Bicep and Kendrick. Feels like a really hard decision and I’ll. probably decide on the day but it’s a good problem to have 

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