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  1. At this point in time I expect Primavera to work full time in preparing a great 2022 lineup, with the news to be presented in a week or two, should be mid march at the very latest (ps I am not in the knowing though...)
  2. 40%. So then you might be half way to herd immunity by summer. If everything goes well. A step in the right direction. I can easily see us all wearing masks and keep social distance until Q4. Even with tourism restarted I see no festivals-as-we-know-it in the near future. Its all gone 22 in my opinion.
  3. Different questions though: the need to quarantine when exposed, and the need to quarantine when travel. In my country you will have to quarantine at both, though you might be released from the last 3 days of a 10 day quarantine if you get at second negative pcr test after 7 days. That is... if you are even allowed to enter the country, most are not at this time. Even so with this being strict, there are a couple of examples of large local outbreaks with the two times negative tested as the source. Though... different countries have different rules I guess. Anyway, I agree with you on the power of combination. On a different note: Israel allow both indoor (max 300 people) and outdoor (max 500 people) concerts from today, to everybody with vaccination passport. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/feb/19/covid-vaccinated-israelis-to-enjoy-bars-and-hotels-with-green-pass I think there could potentially be a huge outcry for these type solutions from the from the business side in all kind of the people facing economy, when they start to understand how much this could mean for possibilities for reopening and revenues.
  4. 97% of (already developed) high viral loads that is. Too late of a catch. There is a reason why even PCR tests do not replace a quarantine.
  5. Well, I understand Comical Ali is brought into the Primavera organisation to bring a glimpse of hope and positivity into the world.
  6. US is ahead of EU in terms of vaccination. Fauci (from article yesterday) outlined how they think about return to normality. Quote; "... Americans might be able to get back to below capacity theaters and indoor dining somewhere between the fall and the end of the year ..." https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-fauci-idUSKBN2AI2U3 "Below capacity theathers... between fall and christmas" It just show how mass gatherings not really in the forefront of a reopening.
  7. Just a quick comment: Despite the mutations the researchers consider the corona virus to be of a much more stable nature than the influenza viruses. Even though it is likely that we already this year might have to get an updated shot of the vaccine to take into account the South Africa variant and similar, researchers do not think it will be necessary with annual vaccination as with the influenza viruses. They do not know for sure by now of course, due to the limited time we have seen the virus, but that is how they think so far.
  8. "... festivals in The Netherlands are currently selling out in record pace ..." yeah, sure
  9. The headliners for the discussed Croatia 21 festival was announced in June 2020. If they announced it in January-February 21 I would be more worried about their ethics and sanity.
  10. Yes, so it goes like this: - promoters unable to get a grip on the reality push for the government to tell them criteria for how to reopen, including all their fantasies on testing etc - government not willing to break the news to these bewildered souls, instead offering governmental guarantees on monetary compensation (35M eur)
  11. Ha ha, as a Norwegian I can tell that these guys are considered related to Comical Ali. This is a cry for government money. Festival summer 2020 will not happen.
  12. I think the latest on the Pfizer vaccines is they are back to normal speed next week already. Some countries do only buy a modest amount of their eligible doses of the mRNA vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer, to be picked up by others. It amounts to more than 10 million vaccines to other countries. This article details some of it https://www.politico.eu/article/germany-buys-extra-coronavirus-vaccine-doses-from-eu-countries/
  13. In large, yes, however both Germany, France and Denmark buy extra doses, or as they say: "purchasing extra doses from EU countries that didn't order their full allocation of the expensive jab".
  14. A very interesting week ahead: we will know if EU will approve the Astra Zeneca and what they think about it, and the data from the Johnson & Johnson vaccine study will be published - a possible game changer.
  15. When enough people are vaccinated we will get herd immunity and the rest of the viruses will cook itself in the nice summer weather. Life will be beautiful and uplifting. There will be hugs, beer and music.
  16. I am still optimistic 2022 festival can happen.
  17. Maybe it is not so motivating to go through another half year with hard work, lots of cost and tons of uncertainty, most likely rewarded with a cancellation. Maybe a clean cut for 2022 is better for all parties.
  18. Yeah, I just hope this is not the end of our species
  19. Yeah, a agree with respect to the festival itself - camping as an additional complication, but a lot of the risk is also for the local communities where people travel to and the degree of protection for the people in these communities. This part of the equation could be easier on a remote location. Anyway... I cannot see the festivals happen this year without the population protected at herd immunity levels or with vaccine proven to protect against spread in combination with vaccine certificates. My only hope is the vaccination process to have higher than expected speed.
  20. So the 50k city festivals are gonna practice social distancing?
  21. You still do not want a rampage spread of this virus before Barcelona get to herd immunity levels.
  22. So an interesting question then is how large percentage of the total population 70% of the adult population will be. 50%? Then still unfortunately some distance to herd immunity and precautions still will have to be made, even though a lot will open up.
  23. This will be a topic in a EU council meeting late Thursday, so there might be some indication on which direction this will take very soon; "... We will discuss the suitability of a common approach to certification, as well as, if appropriate, under which circumstances certificates could be used. ... " https://www.consilium.europa.eu/media/47910/invitation-letter-21-jan-vtc-on-covid-19.pdf
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