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  1. Exit queues moving from 16.45, kim gordon lines not moving
  2. Guestimate lines kim gordon: general access 6-700 meters vip/pro 80 meters
  3. By magic the exit scan worked from 16.45 and onwards, so ok for now
  4. So that you can go back... to make sure a ticket is not used twice
  5. If you wanna see Kim Gordon: do not enter the festival gates!
  6. Lol the scanners out of the festival do not work, so lots of people inside the premises who want to go to auditori are stuck in an exit line...
  7. Greetings from Oslo Airport. Flight is on schedule. Everything is cool. It is happening.
  8. Low on the Primavera stage is good news!
  9. I was having tapas at Canas Y Tapas, outside on the Diagonal Mar shopping centre, Primavera Sound 2013. J Mascis on the table next to me. Didn't have the guts to ask for a selfie, wanted to leave them alone.
  10. A lot of people may want to go to that early Kim Gordon auditori show? Her latest record is great. Though not big enough for ticketing I guess.
  11. The issue could be travelling out of US. CDC guidelines are 5 days isolation 10 days fit-for-travel. But not sure how hard this is enforced etc.
  12. I think so too, they will wait a day or two more and get the rest of the inevitable covid cancellations and then communicate it all together with a few new good names in order to give something positive with the negative.
  13. Hi. A friend had the same problem. Think long and hard if you have changed email address during the pandemic => check what email is registered on you at festicket profile. That solved the problem for my friend, found the email in the forgotten / non-used mail box.
  14. Just ship in those ABBA avatars...
  15. True, I cannot find anything on that in the FAQs. Though... could bring a couple of the 33cl bottle lids...
  16. If I bring a 'clear reusable bottle' is the drinking water widely available on the grounds, safe to drink and good on taste?
  17. Yes, I was thinking about this too, we do really not know when the first postive test was If we go by the '11 days' - IF their positive test was at Friday May 27 their earliest entry to Spain would be @ Tuesday, 7 June 2022 However previous set prior to May 27 was at a festival 'Corona Capital' (lol) in Mexico May 21. The announcement of the positive test and cancellation was from the Boston festival, at the same time as NIN was announced as replacement So it could be the positive test was a few days earlier, and they spent some time to get the replacement, contracts etc The Strokes have two sets Friday 3rd and Friday 10th I would still say the first of these two sets are at high probability of not happen though We just have to wait and see
  18. I think it is amazing if only a few bands have to pull out because of covid. I would have expected more / still expect more. I am grateful for whatever cool live show I can go to.
  19. Regarding The Strokes If you just recently tested positive in your own country you would need a negative test result + a recovery certificate issued by 'competent authority or by a medical service at least 11 days after the first positive NAAT or rapid antigen detection', if you are to go fully by the book for entry to Spain. At least that is how I interpret the info on these pages https://travelsafe.spain.info/en/
  20. In general, if a headliner was replaced with a decent number of good smaller credliners I would be happy with that. I am not going to this festival because of the headliners. Never have, for 10 editions. But people are different and I respect that.
  21. The only app you can use is AccessTicket. If you have the ticket in another app you need to transfer it.
  22. If you bring a bicycle on the bcn metro, is that a separate ticket or is it for free?
  23. Yes... And of course I would always bring something else as proof in case I lost it.
  24. Yes, agree, screenshot and send to a fried, or maybe even print it. I can easily see scenarios where the phone get lost, stolen, accidentally dropped it in the toilet, etc
  25. They for sure have the capacity to mess things up. But let's see.
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