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  1. My general thought om the venue shows is to invest in the evening and be there ready in line when the doors open for the venue you want to go to. If not the expectation should be that you will not get in. That being said I am not sure if the Apolo will be full for the kemet gig?
  2. You were right, anyone can access. Great ambience on the brazilian gigs today, lots of people dancing and having a good time.
  3. Anyone know if the vip ticket give access to the day pro showcases at cccb? Three brazilian bands today that I would like to see
  4. Good tip. Dice says 20.00. It makes sense, Iceage is on at 21.00
  5. Had an amazing Saturday. Mavis Staples, Dreamcatcher, Bauhaus and DIIV my highlights. Also had a good time at Abbath and Beach House. Noticed Stu from King Gizz at front on DIIV, a few meters away, really into it. A few guys recognized him and got their selfies.
  6. Anyone know when doors at Apolo open?
  7. Amazing day. My highlights were Low, Parquet Courts and King Gizzard.
  8. It barely gets full, it is more a question on how good seat you will get. It is easier to 'shop around" for a better single seat kn between other groups than if you are a group.
  9. Just a tip to everyone: salt binds water. Helps prevent dehydration. Put extra salt on the food before going to the festival.
  10. They let people in when markna herloop was playing, so not so big lines but quit full auditori 75% +
  11. If they actually plan to bring more people in than yesterday I hope the government shut down the festival.
  12. Reg the auditori you could always go for the Marina Herlop show before Low, and just stay in the auditori for Low. Will get you 1.5 hours inside the venue instead of one hour in a line. For Kim Gordon I was in the vip line 35-40 minutes before the show. It was maybe 80 persons in front of me. The regular line was already more than 500 meters I guess. It got me a great seat at row 2. If Low is something really important and you want a good seat, I would suggest no less than an hour before regardless of ticket type. Might as well go for the Marina Herloop show imo.
  13. The mordor area is dodgy to say the least when it comes to crowd safety. You need to have the area sectioned, with control of the number of people in front sections, and a safe ways to take people out, eg free corridors with guards etc. The Roskilde accident in 2001 with 9 deads had similar conditions, one large area with the potential for crush from behind. Yesterday I was at the front vip when the charlie xcx ended. It was a crush from the crowd leaving the concert to the fences on the vip section. Front of vip area became a bottle nect. Quite a few opted to jump over the vip fence in order to escape the squeeze. A kid was crying and got lifted over the fence by others. Anyone who wanted could jump the fence, there were no guards along the fences anyway.
  14. This. Just way more people.
  15. The vip front area is an opportunity wasted. It should have been closer to stages, larger in area, with multiple heights/sections, better bar, and better toilets... It is half cooked and not well served.
  16. The vip stage far behind in mordor feels like an industrial wasteland. Like a kilometre from the stages, why would anyone wanna be there. Quick access to beer and food however. But otherwise... the vip ticket is significantly downgraded this year.
  17. It is raised, but only with 15 cm. It this raised area that creates the trip hazard.
  18. Quick exit lines from festival. Vip/pro lines to kim gordon have started moving. I think capacity is 5k, so more a question on how good seat. This one may go full though.
  19. Exit queues moving from 16.45, kim gordon lines not moving
  20. Guestimate lines kim gordon: general access 6-700 meters vip/pro 80 meters
  21. By magic the exit scan worked from 16.45 and onwards, so ok for now
  22. So that you can go back... to make sure a ticket is not used twice
  23. If you wanna see Kim Gordon: do not enter the festival gates!
  24. Lol the scanners out of the festival do not work, so lots of people inside the premises who want to go to auditori are stuck in an exit line...
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