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  1. The attitiude from Primavera in interviews like these are horrible. Why don't they rather communicate in the lines of "There was too many problems for our festival goers, and we are really sorry for that. There are a lot of learning points from this, areas in which we have to improve for the next festival in order to uphold our brand as one of the best festivals. We will turn any stone in order to see what we can do better. Our sincere apologies to all those who suffered in one way or another. We should do better. We will do better."
  2. Some interesting coverage: https://www.catalannews.com/highlights/item/primavera-sound-fans-no-water-massive-lines-money-grab-and-dangerous?category_id=32 Regarding the comments on "... had to jump over the fence to the VIP area... " I noticed this crush myself, lots of people jumping over that fence. It was a problem with push from crowds after the show, to get out. They got squeezed against the vip fence. Better jump, and no security/guards there anyway. I am old enough to have been at Roskilde 2000. Nine people were squeezed to death at the front of main stage at Pearl Jam. This accident triggered changes in security and crowd control for many festivals across Europe. From what I see I am not conviced the new mordor stage design is good enough from a security perspective, with regards to e.g. separate pits with crowd control and corridors to lift people out. I am no expert though! But I am not convinced.
  3. Hi guys. On my fourth day in the airbnb with covid. I suggest you make the most of it...
  4. You may use them at these bars (marked AT):
  5. A guy in a group I know was robbed for all belongings when he walked home alone drunk. This was just outside the festival premises. Probably regarded as an easy target because he was visibly drunk. He refused to give away his belongings then they used violence with chokehold etc. He even passed out for a while. He got a psychological reaction to what happened and was at his hotel room for the rest of the festival.
  6. I always try to be reasonable and see both sides arguments. In this case however, to see all the examples from the old marketing - how the beach brunch access was always described as a part of what people bought in to at some of the packages offered - making hundreds if not thousands to take an extra day off work to participate at Sunday as well - I think people without 'ticket' should get a partial refund. It is definitely misleading marketing, no matter the underlying intention.
  7. False marketing to sell more tickets will of course give them more money.
  8. Sorry if wording came out wrong, I am not a native speaker, i absolutely agree the outrage is legit.
  9. More on brunch gate: primavera blames government for the ticketing system surprise... It is mind blowing to see the outrage on twitter and other social media. Apparently it is created a Telegram-group in order to storm the premises on Sunday
  10. Primavera should just roll back everything to 2019. All changes has been to the worse.
  11. It is a shame Primavera has come to this. Festivals all over the world implies they only see growth as a viable strategy. I cannot see them scale down the Barcelona event next year. Unfortunately. I may still go though. After all I have been to the last 11 editions. We will see.
  12. For myself it was negative in the morning, positive in the evening, the day of the outbreak of symptoms. I guess it can vary. So I don't know what is advised in the different countries, to rub the stick against both the tonsils and in the nose decrease the likelihood of false negatives on the omicron variants. Just a tip (but I guess already common knowledge in many countries).
  13. It is a possibility with the new ba.5 variant, unfortunately. Especially in those countries where BA.1 and not BA.2 dominating the winter wave (south africa, spain, portugal, israel, us, ...). A month ago in US it was most certainly the BA.2 variant however, then less likely with re-infection, but still possible. Wish you a speedy recovery.
  14. Incubation time for the omicron variants are short about 1-2 days. So I am pretty sure I picked up mine at one of the indoor shows, those events are super spreader events for sure. But that is fine, I have chosen to live life without fear and get this shit done if needed.
  15. Yeah, I just noticed Spain quit the 7 days quarantine rule for mild cases in march, and the country I am going to have no quarantine rules at all. Both countries have decided to live with it. If it stays mild and I get better I will go home, will be careful with masks and so on of course.
  16. So... I see at BCN pages I am supposed to quarantine for 7 days, though my flight is at Sunday. A little confused on what to do, play stupid or...
  17. Finally it was my turn to test positive! No weekend 2 then. Oh well. I got 24 concerts already. Many great memories, with regards to music and the social stuff. Less than one year to next. And a few days with apple tv chill out in my airbnb.
  18. Top 6 (not able to decide on 5): Low (auditori), Parquet Courts, Mavis Staples, DIIV, Bauhaus, King Gizzard (x3)
  19. Still.. it is a gamble right?
  20. - with priority access (vip / w1+w2) i have got into the shows i tried (apolo sunday, razz yesterday) by showing up a few minutes before doors open, the priority line has not been longer than capacity - judging by the size of the lines, without priority access you would have to get in line at least one hour before doors open on the popular venues, and even then not be guaranteed access - without priority access I would definitely get on waiting list for the dice tickets to see if i got lucky - to access a venue later in the evening, after doors have opened, is a recipe for failure
  21. The lines are amazing! Gives me hope for humanity.
  22. You are all welcome to oya festival, a city festival in oslo. Nice vibe! You may camp on my 2x2 meter balcony 800 meters away!
  23. Any suggestions for places to eat in the area around Razzmatazz? Just find something on the rambla poblenou (10 minute walk) or is it something even closer to be recommended? Unfortunately the great El 58 do not open until 20.00 and thats when we should be in line at Razzmatazz.
  24. There is still some value to it; - the vip area far behind is good for 'recreation' to regain energy, with almost no lines on food and beer - much easier access to auditori and city gigs - the bits bridge in both directions, etc. How much it is worth it is another question. The front vip area was a sham. Terrible. I hated it.
  25. Reg Wednesday: any food stalls at Poble Espanyol?
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