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  1. This. I will make sure I catch one of their shows Camped next to Phil Wang in 2017, had not realised until he was packing up. Got to tell him I enjoyed his set, didn't tell him about his night time habits I am off to Edinburgh Festival this year so might miss a few acts in favour of something else at the Glastonbury this time
  2. for me was hoping Beirut Specials Cut Copy Robyn Grandson
  3. fred quimby


    reckon I can dash (Ben Stylee) from Maribou state to Morcheeba you do have Micheal Kiwanuka in there though
  4. fred quimby


    Ok I will start Friday Idles v Aurora v Maribou State Can cut short Hopkins though to catch Idles on the Truth Saturday Hot Chip v Chems v Cat Empire The rest so far is not too bad. Bet when I look more there will be more than I think
  5. Some stages go bottom to top other top to bottom. Too much for my tiny human mind
  6. oh man I can see my clashes already can't believe loads drop on Friday for me
  7. Just to echo Phoenix Girl. Really hope you have a special time. A new photography career awaits me thinks
  8. Yes Brilliant stuff. So much I did not know about it. Best thing on TV at the mo and as you say Horrific Also just watched Behind the Curve. Gotta love a Flat Earther. Love the experiments they do that keep showing the earth is not flat but discounting them. The Psychology parts were good, if a bit obvious.
  9. Will try and make it more this year. As you say quality and lovely bloke to go with it.
  10. No there is still another week Yes yes that coat over there thanks
  11. There goes my sanity then
  12. Yea looking forward to this. Hoping no major clashes May make up for me possible missing TCiC on west holts
  13. Well there is enough there to make me happy without having to scream at my Screen about too many more clashes (hopefully, shame I will miss Cat Power I reckon) plenty still to discover Oh and Comet is Coming VS Steam Down mmmmmmm Jazzy
  14. really made up for you. Man you are going to have such a good time now
  15. I did think at the time. Why did he have to tell anyone. "No idea Greyworm where she has gone. Found her with the iron thrown melting and crying about what had she done, then off she flew on her Dragon. I am as puzzled as you mate" I know he has that odd wooden honour thing going on. And maybe I am more devious. See that they are saying we may get the prequel in 2020. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-48280752
  16. What a strange survey to do. Obviously looking for the answers they got though. Very much set up.
  17. I'm sure she is fine. Very sweet that you're thinking of her though
  18. Damn I was nearly correct in the first GoT thread. I said it would be Brann on the iron throne. Mind you I had him naked covered in tattoes screaming while controlling the dragons. Not a bad wrap up all in all And wow they seemed to build kingslanding quickly. Wish I had builders like that. Was hoping Brienne was just going to write. Right c**t. Really enjoyed the whole 8 seasons overall.
  19. you and me both. Well for the festival
  20. Does seem you have to queue for everything nowadays. maybe in the day it will be ok
  21. One of my Friends goes around signing off on all the Structures at the festival, works some shifts with us too. I will ensure that big boots are worn and plenty of jumping is done
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