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  1. Well I was in zika quarantine last year, if I waited for the next fallow year I’d be 38 before I have a baby!
  2. I’m going to be 23 weeks pregnant at Glasto this year. Not far enough along to be worried about going into labour in the middle of Shangri-la, but but enough that it’ll be a challenge, especially if we get a repeat of 2016 weather-wise! Has anyone done Glastonbury preggo before who could offer some survival tips/advice?
  3. Thanks folks, I actually ended up booking a coach ticket a week ago. Going to take a folding sack truck and just hope the driver takes pity on me!
  4. Bought a folding sack truck to get all my shit across London to the coaches and to the campsite. Half price and a 15% discount!
  5. I’ll be 23 weeks so don’t worry I’m not gonna give birth in your car on the side of the M4 or anything... I’d just rather not have to carry all my gear around train/coach stations and as I’m planning on piling it all on a sack barrow (as it’s not safe for me to carry a load of heavy stuff) they might not let me get on a coach anyway! Am hoping to travel down on the Wednesday and come back Monday. Thanks!
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