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  1. The moral highground is a bit of a joke to be honest. Some parts of the media will say it's a main land European issue, but we all know it's pretty bad in England/UK aswell. I hear certain chants about Man Utd players in and around the stadium on match days, it might be done in humor but it's still racist.
  2. Not relegation then 😁 😐
  3. After Liverpool Man utd have NOR (A) BOU (A) BHA (H) SHU (A) AVL (H) I think we'll have a better idea where they are after them.
  4. Ole is definetly not getting sacked, it doesn't help anything.
  5. He told NME: “They haven’t written a Kid A yet ( Radiohead ’s so-called experimental LP) where their entire fanbase goes, ‘What the f ** k is this?’” Oh I like the idea of a more lo-fi coldplay album.
  6. Steve Jobs said computers are the 21st Century bicyle. It doesn't replace you, you pedal it. Nowadays you don't even need to pedal it, but it will help you get from A to B better than before.
  7. She always seemed a bit rough. But it is the Sun how do we know they aren't hacking again 🙄
  8. So your family steals from you? I'd be keeping that wallet safe at all times.
  9. I'm just completely baffled by the irresponsibility and ignorance of B Silva. Yes, I'm sure he's not racist, I'm sure he's a decent guy but common, with so many twitter followers where was the 'should I post this tweet out?' filter in his brain? Can you blame the football bubble his mind must live in? I don't think people are overracting to it, I don't buy the whole snowflake 'you can't say anything anymore' sentiments. There's a tonne of people that would find this inappropriate, really football and social media is just a terrible mix. If you get paid $$$$ and you want to do a bit of social media get a professional social media company to advise your tweets and keep it strictly professional. You can tell straight away the footballers that have a decent team behind them.
  10. santowhir

    2020 headliners

    Sorry to break it to you but Gorillaz are making yet another new album due to release March 2020. More chance of Gorillaz playing than Blur.
  11. A name I've not heard is Gorillaz, rumours of yet another new album in early 2020 and Damon Albarn seems to always show an appearance whenever he has an album out. They seem to go down pretty well in 2018.
  12. I've never been afraid of rollercoasters, I love them in fact. I've been on oblivion at alton towers numerous times, but this one time for whatever reason when it was my turn to sit on the ride I jumped off the seat immediately and hopped over to the otherside and went out of the exit. My friend stayed on the ride and just before the vertical fall he said the seat I would have been in unbuckled and the security harness unlocked. I've heard others speak about the same experience while on the ride so it was pure coincidence but still felt freaky at the time.
  13. The Strokes would be awesome. Green Day have always split personal opinions but I don't think anyone can write them off. (I don't like them either but I'm sure they could provide a good show given proper preparations)
  14. This statement is so confusing 🤣. The Green Day PR machine is already churning to that exact audience
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