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  1. This is what I don't understand about small clubs/towns investing so much into their football clubs. Whats the end game? Surely there comes a point where after such heavy investment and no return they get bored?
  2. I'm looking forward to this one, you never know what might happen.
  3. City look like they are winning games without breaking a sweat.
  4. Ed Woodward essentially released a job specification on the ideal candidate. I can't find it but some of the points were: - To play attractive attacking football - To be able to blend high profile signings with academy players - Ensure the contract renewals of players - To be comfortable working with a director of football (which they have been working on).
  5. Ah yes the Cardiff quote. It's not it though is it? He's the first manager since sir alex that's understands the philosophy of the club, you wouldn't think it would be that difficult to find but he fits the bill pretty well and you cannot underestimate the importance that will bring. The appointment automatically means that club legends / fans / pundits / current players all give him a little bit more patients and that was certainly the case in the honey moon period. He needs to get backed in the summer so he can cement his ideas and hopefully the club will be in less conflict. BTW I do think he is tactically naive there is no doubt about it, but it's nowhere near as bad as people are making out. Fergie admits himself that tactically he wasn't great, the man was a motivator and he set up his team around that.
  6. Absolutely. There's been talk of a director of football for some time now as Edtwatwood is far to close to the Glazor's to make any judgement based on any football decisions he may/may not have.
  7. There was also very strong opinions between the press and fans to give ole the job before the end of the season. It's quite easy to criticise.
  8. As a Man Utd fan (who isn't a twat btw), it feels like we are dragging ourselves over the finish line. Ole clearly has a vision in which he wants to play and some of the players definitely don't fit this molde (see what i did there?). Also there's a handful of players that clearly are ready to move on with regards to contracts. This summer could/should be massive in the transfer market. RW would give us so much balance that we require. Ashley Young can't cross a ball anymore. The hate is gathering again, but as a fan I'm happy with the direction the club is going in.
  9. On the subject of RE2. Can I just say GTA Online gets so much hate, but I can happily play 2-3 hours each evening. There is tonnes of things to do in terms of content/missions/jobs. I've been playing it since it came out and don't see in stopping anytime soon.
  10. What you basing this on?
  11. While we are at it, let's get Mason Greenwood in there too!
  12. The one thing that bugs me and it's consistent with most rockstar games is if you do the mission slightly different to how rockstar expects you to complete the mission you fail it. It can be something like killing the wrong person, not being quick enough, not being in the expected map radius, or just something completely random. I know it's the mechanic of the game (if you do something wrong then the storyline/mission won't make much sense) and I don't know how they can change it but it's frustrating nevertheless. I think the first time I came across with it was one of the first mission's where you have to chaise a person around the hotel, well I thought 'what if i shoot him, what will happen then?' and I instantly failed the mission. 😞
  13. Of the minority that have had some minor success, the traffic has actually come from Google search and not YouTube search, so I would say there is a route in there, like most things in the web of creating very high quality specific content. Like tutorials or unique content that no one has found/done before.
  14. I tried getting into Youtube recording as well but it's near impossible to grow a channel with the amount of competition. On a separate note a played two point hospital for 7 hours straight yesterday, great way to spend a Sunday.
  15. Finished Assassins Creed Odyssey now. God that was a slog, I think I've got about 3 trophies left for 100%, a couple of side missions I think. My opinion on the game is so mixed. I think I said before the non-liner story line's really confuse me, I get completely lost in where the main character is in the game and what they are trying to achieve. It just bounces around too much for me but ubisoft seem happy that this is the approach they are going to take from now on. Visually it didn't really do much for me, I know some people have said it was stunning but I don't think there was any change graphically from Origins, basically felt I was playing the same game. Another major gripe for me is the island and locations don't differ enough. Yes it's a massive map but the way in which it is built feels a lazy cut and paste job on the majority of buildings. I also struggle with ancient Greek so there was always going to be a struggle with a gripping storyline, whereas the fact I could climb up the pyramids in Origins gave it an automatic 10/10.
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