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  1. Eighth time running and honestly forgot how tiring the full festival was. Had the time of my life but I'm going to stick to Sunday tickets for at least a few years now, saves both money and annual leave allocation from work.
  2. Haha! I remember the woman shrugged and said 'meh, it'll ruin your festival if you don't buy them' and I responded 'no it bloody wont' and dealt with the myself. Luckily it didn't 😀
  3. I would highly recommend buying blister patches before you go. I'll never forget when a stall tried to charge me £8 for a pack of 3 some years ago.
  4. I’m pleased with GE, he just has banger after banger for a festival crowd. Do understand why people aren’t pleased though when you think of all that is possible.
  5. This has gotta be a troll 😂 a festival with 5000 acts and a single one is going to ruin the festival for you
  6. discgoesmic

    Green Day

    Green Day are one of the very few massive acts that have never headlined or played - the JP set often sets bands like The Killers up for the headline next year. I do agree with the musical style but the range at Glastonbury is so huge these days that I think it's still very likely.
  7. Got my festival backpack down from the attic and ordered nearly 30L of Lilley’s Cider for me and my camp mates. Can’t wait!
  8. Does the CV field not just use writstbands, or do they verify your ticket every time? I've not stayed there before.
  9. 100% wouldn't risk this personally, in previous years I was substantially verified (asked for ID, address on ticket, my age) and nearly didn't get in because my photo was out of date. This is also technically fraud so the law enforcement can be involved. That being said, if you've already bought the tickets I hope it goes well for you!
  10. discgoesmic

    Green Day

    I found a video many years ago of hundreds of people just running to the arenas as soon as they saw Billie Joe’s ‘what rhymes with shredding’ tweet. They had to close the stage and play it on screen. On the main one!
  11. discgoesmic

    Green Day

    Can confirm, I was at the secret Reading set at 2012 in the NME Stage and it was incredible - was about 11am in the morning. I think Green Day is as valid as any other act for this slot, I was actually kind of surprised they didn't headline the Sunday in the end.
  12. Local here, i've got the Sunday bus several times from local areas. 1. Yes you can stay overnight, that said my wife came for the Sunday and had her pillow taken by security on entry and was told she couldn't stay. I'm convinced it was some bored jobsworth, she stayed anyway but perhaps don't carry any bedding loosely. 2. Yes, see Gooner's post above 3. Yes, I believe some of these services are paid for(?) so maybe bring some cash but we've never had a problem. Hope this helps!
  13. I wonder if it's an overall indicator of Coach tickets going out. Time will tell I suppose!
  14. What do we think the general "Glastonbury 2022 Ticket & Coach" section is? Seems to be a separate strand to the Wednesday and Thursday.
  15. Very true, needs must sometimes! I doubt you regret it either, it's the memories you remember and not so much spending the money AS LONG AS you're in a financially viable place to do so.
  16. Yep, i'd be all over this if I needed one. If I had the means I think I'd spend up to perhaps £1000 to go to Glastonbury as a last resort if I grafted for the funds. Solely because I still believe it's excellent value for money!
  17. 2x FREE tickets to Pet Shop Boys tonight in Cardiff Motorpoint, can’t go sadly due to Covid so I’ll happily give them away, would much prefer them to be used. Let me know if you’d like them! Ticketmaster e-tickets.
  18. Unfortunately my family have been struck down by Covid. Better to get it now rather than a months time I suppose! So, I have 2 tickets for Pet Shop Boys in Cardiff Motorpoint Arena up for sale for tomorrow evening. These are in Section 3, Row R so extremely good seats. We paid £90 each for these, would anyone be interested for £45 per ticket (half price)? These are Ticketmaster e-tickets so I can transfer them to your account immediately. Feel free to let me know!
  19. Saw Benjamin Francis Leftwich here in 2019, first time I had ever been to this stage! Was one of my best memories of the festival.
  20. discgoesmic


    I'll be sad if Calvin isn't on the official one but would be funny!
  21. Set an alert for when the Facebook/Twitter account posts and do a tactical loo break... works for me!
  22. Couldn’t agree more with this, not interested in Megan at all. Saw her supporting Drake at the o2 (the J Cole guest date!) and she was awful.
  23. All will be forgiven if so. But as I say just happy to be going 😊
  24. Yeah, I mean if you think that’s 4 out of a massive number of acts (so far) I think they could do better - Pusha T would be incredible for sure!
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