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  1. I think we should apply to the Guinness World Records for the longest weather discussion for a single event in history. We have been talking Glastonbury weather since October last year - insane, and we still don't know if it's going to rain or not.
  2. The same people that buy Apples new desktop computer.
  3. Dave_c

    Worried Sick

    Great news, have a fabulous time on the farm!
  4. Dave_c

    "Must Dos" 2019

    Here are some firsts that I must do this year; Have a drink in the Avalon Inn Watch something in the circus big top Watch the sun set on the hill Get a Goan fish curry Get an ice cream from Mendip Moments Go up the ribbon tower (queue dependent) Make something in the Green Fields
  5. Jon Hopkins - 105 Chemical Brothers - 160 Hot Chip - 125 Kate Tempest - 90 -10 = 80 The Cure - 105 + 10 = 115 Christine & The Queens - 60 Janelle Monae - 155 The Streets - 35
  6. Dave_c


    Assume they will sell mixers though? Do we think there will be a mark up, or same prices as normal stores? Wondering if I can avoid lugging so much stuff if I can get it in there.
  7. Dave_c


    About time. Now time for the other stage to gets its dress back on and put on it's 4th hat.
  8. Dave_c


    Yeah it is, just wondering if the staging is going to be bigger then the Blues was.
  9. Wouldn't that be a Mudometer? Or a Forfucksakeometer.
  10. Dave_c


    Is it bigger this year? It looks it, but then again we have no reference as it is normally not visible on the Webcam.
  11. I'm sure it is the map on the website, but it's down at the moment. Edit - it's not the official map, it must have been the map that was created on Google by one of the users here, so ignore me.
  12. The map shows that weird horn thing on top of the other stage.
  13. Dave_c

    Worried Sick

    Best of luck tomorrow, stay strong and stay positive ❤️
  14. There were lakes on site before the 2016 festival, we aren't looking even close to that carnage. All will be well.
  15. West Holt's Sunday night, we had to leave Sunday as my other half had to work Monday.
  16. They're past their best long ago, was watching some of their Pinkpop set and it wasn't great, but what can one expect 70+ year olds to sing like. They should have played years ago, it'll be an anticlimax if they play it now.
  17. I haven't even bought my alcohol yet never mind figuring out who I'm going to see. I really need to get my arse in gear.
  18. That's a pretty risky strategy. If I felt like that I'd be questioning my relationship!
  19. It feels like an age since the last update. Tell us people, even if it's bad news, we need to know!
  20. Does anyone actually propose and consider that the answer might be no?
  21. Arctic Monkeys 2013 LCD Soundsystem 2016 Justice 2017 Underworld 2016
  22. Already have some that I want rid off as I don't drink it. Is there a mixer that works with this or is it best just drank as shots?
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