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  1. 3 hours ago, Benj said:

    Mabel was fucking awful last year. Not my thing at all but I can appreciate it when done well but it wasnt

    Can’t say I was paying much attention, we were sat at the back supping. I just remember there being a shit load of gimmicky backing dancers.

  2. 57 minutes ago, frankxcx2 said:

    honestly she's truly upped her game. i saw her last week on her crash tour and it was easily top 5 gigs i've ever been to, obviously i'm bias because i'm a fan but it had amazing visuals, huge stage design, outfit changes, backup dancers etc. and her energy was amazing. oh and she sang for like 75% of it! though i think as long as she puts on a good performance it doesn't really matter how much she actually sings lol, plus in 2019 wasn't it like the hottest weekend of the year? 

    There’s definitely much more than just music to sets at R&L now compared to the old days with the backing dancers, outfit changes, visual effects etc, it’s great if you’re into that kind of thing - Mabel did the same last year from memory. Speaking as someone who enjoys gigs for the authenticity of live instruments and raw vocals the effects don’t do much for me. She’ll have improved since as you say but if I booked an act to play and they didn’t do their main vocals live I’d be fuming.

  3. 3 hours ago, festiall said:

    Charli XCX playing APE on Sat 27th aug

    Would this put her less likely/more likely to do a Fri/Sun Reading and Leeds set? 

    I’m not expecting any more big names but she use to play R&L a lot

    No slots left for her really. Forgot to put this in the worst acts thread but she has to be up there purely for most of her singing being a backing track.

  4. 3 hours ago, brettredmayne said:

    I had an amazing day , obviously Wembley was so special and then got into Euston to get a train at ten past 6

    Echo the comments about Merch and drinks , managed to get 2 pints and my T-shirt but was impossible to get served again.

    I was at the back and we had a great atmosphere with very little phone recording and a lot of dancing .

    Set list was fantastic and was well worth the 2 year wait , want to do it all over again


    I did actually see a lad wearing a Sunderland home shirt right by the back steps of the standing area and wondered if it was you. Glad the perfect weekend came together for you. Felt like every other car had a Sunderland scarf or shirt on the M1 back north today

  5. Fantastic gig last night and we’ll worth the wait. Couldn’t have asked for a much better set list, sound was patchy and the crowd was dead though as previously mentioned by others.

    For anyone going today, if you want merch or ale, get down early or you’ll be queuing literally hours, took me most of Placebo to get served. The walk to and from the bowl was well signposted though. No metal detectors, dogs or pat downs on gate one.

    And finally to the Sunderland fan on here last week, hope you had a fucking good day

  6. 1 hour ago, Andre91 said:

    Legit Capri Suns do not but the frozen cocktail pouches that are similar you get on some booze aisles absolutely do. I got picked up at APE one year and the guy scanned me several times, took me aside and was certain I had something on me so I just told him I had my bell end pierced and he let me in no qualms. 

    Wish I had some upvotes left, your commitment to free booze is excellent 🤣

  7. 17 hours ago, Andre91 said:

    If someone could let us know bar prices, that’d be great. I’m going to guess £7.50 for a pint so looks like it’ll be the ol’ Capri Sun full of gin getting stuffed down my pants again. 

    Stupid question alert - do capri suns get picked up by the metal detectors on the gates? Only ask because I once defrosted one in the microwave and it lit up like a Christmas tree

  8. 39 minutes ago, atomised said:

    I'm curious about that, the Eden sessions stage is pretty small with a low roof. I always saw those Eden shows as warm ups and have been expecting more spectacle from the stadium set up

    Yeah they’re surely have a digital backdrop at MK, hoping for something special for these like a different setlist, staging etc

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  9. 59 minutes ago, kaisherz said:

    Any info on where the buses go from lads? 

    Do we reckon there will be dogs on the gate, because I love dogs?


    Any idea on how many tickets are sold for the event?

    Can only really answer on the bus - If it’s the same place as for Slam Dunk it’ll be from Sovereign St by Leeds station.

  10. There’s no doubting TBHC was a sonically fantastic album, so interesting to listen to on the record but it probably won’t work headlining a festival like R&L in my opinion. Even Sheffield Arena of all places went dead quiet during the TBHC songs on the September 2018 tour but it was understandably bouncing for the older stuff.

    The band have evolved as has been said but the live crowds haven’t in the main.

  11. 48 minutes ago, FloorFiller said:

    **Spoiler alert**

    Not that it really matters, but looking at last nights setlist and just to nitpicky, why did they close with The Kids From Yesterday, by no means a bad song but also not exactly their best/a banger, when they’ve got both Welcome to the Black Parade and Famous Last Words sitting right there?! Maybe it worked better in person, but I feel like they probably think more highly of Danger Days than their general fan base. 

    Also no House of Wolves, booo. 

    *More spoilers*

    No Planetary (Go) is a bummer, but I’ll absolutely take This is How I Disappear. Agree about the closer, you’d surely play Kids from Yesterday as the penultimate song and then finish on Famous Last Words/Black Parade. Foundations of Decay seems and odd opener too to me, but that’s just me!

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