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  1. Same here, also my first glasto.. Its the only other time I have seen them. Burnt my head all along the parting working the gate for oxfam. It was sooo hot
  2. Earlier Caitlin Moran listed a bunch of her highlights from the lineup and it included Robyn.... A few people commented including me and she has since deleted it. Having lost hope of Robyn being there, I have now had it restored on the basis that she has just let some big news slip by mistake
  3. Just noticed the Specials aren't on there - surely they are a shoe-in for a future poster
  4. A Forest is their best song.... Boy's Don't Cry for the festival set though? Had a look through recent setlists... such strength in depth
  5. Just saw Caitlin Moran tweet a list of people playing that included Robyn*..... I am hoping she knows something we don't. I would love that still to be a chance * I know she's listed as an exclusive elsewhere, but a girl can dream
  6. would love this - they were ace last time.
  7. its better to not create the waste in the first place. first principle of waste management
  8. Kay95

    2019 Headliners

    Pre-coach days we used to leave sunday night, but pack up the car on the sunday afternoon. to our neighbours it would have looked like we had left during the afternoon, I suspect a lot do the same. these days we get to drink all sunday because our coach tends to be one of the later ones to depart on the monday
  9. Haha no worries, its one of the more unusual bits of glasto kit we've used! we like to experiment with new approaches and this one has stuck
  10. not sure if you're joking, but we've brought a soda stream twice now (on the coach) as its cheaper than buying mixers on site and lighter than lugging them in. will definitely be bringing it again this year now....
  11. noting your 'downhill' comment what the flooding potential? we're coach arrival Thursday morning too and I would def favour that side of the site.... but always try to camp up slope....
  12. Kay95

    2018 New Music

    Yep, Robyn.... think I expected more because the two singles are so good.... but having listened a few times, its definitely growing. Agree beach2k20 is a bit poor tho.
  13. jumping in to say my husband swears by magnums... wears them every time to glasto and they always perform. They are his every day boots too I find DMs too heavy in the mud - I have a well worn in pair of walking boots that, even when 'over-topped' by liquid mud in 2007, still left me with dry feet
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