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  1. 12 miler today, my legs hate me, currently recovering on the sofa and sulking about the cost of being injected with rabies.
  2. Managed 11miles and gave up, decided it wasn’t worth trying to reach higher mileage on a hangover.
  3. Had four vaccinations the other day and my arms have been so sore I’ve not been running. Going to get out shortly for hopefully a ten miler in the sun ☺️
  4. Had to throw on a running jacket for today’s 10 miler, it’s getting chilly out there, still in shorts but a t-shirt won’t cut it against the wind.
  5. La Roux was great in Jon Peel 2015, would be more than happy for her to return to the farm
  6. I’m a cyclist and it drives me crazy when other cyclists don’t think traffic lights apply to them
  7. Love both Rex Orange County and King Princess
  8. A treadmill 12km yesterday followed by a road 15km today has led to a lovely side of foot blister. I’m sure tomorrow’s speed intervals will sort it out ?
  9. After a full two week break from running after my half marathon, I’m about a week and a half back into my running schedule and seem to be getting back up to fitness quite quickly. With no races planned now until the back end of 2020 (I’m out of the country from Christmas until Glastonbury) I’m going to use the next few months to concentrate on setting a new 5k PB at a local park run. Without some sort of goal there is no way I’ll keep it up.
  10. The last two years i've brought along a bottle of Havana Club 7 year old rum, delicious and always bring a few cans of ting to go with it. I do prefer bourbon though, my favourite being Makers Mark but I take Buffalo Trace to the festival as a cheaper alternative, that I just sip straight from a hipflask.
  11. 2014 - Dan La Sac vs Scroobius Pip 2015 - Father John Misty 2016 - Chvrches 2017 - Future Islands 2019 -Christine and the Queens
  12. I guess the trouble is it’s too early for the big bands to have been ruled out yet.
  13. This is ridiculous levels of expectation for this early on.
  14. Kylie definitely had a major crowd crust, I have just to the right of the right hand sound stage and had room to dance. Just for demographics, my mates and me are 26-29 year olds and we are all dead excited, more so for Miss Ross than Kylie.
  15. Brilliant booking, can’t wait, the outfits and fancy dress for this will be epic!
  16. This will be my sixth successful year in a row, there is no way I am lucky enough for there to have been 1 million people trying for 135k tickets and I have got one every year. I've always assumed it was in the million range but thinking about it in the context of my success rate this just can't be true. However a quick look at my facebook friends shows me that 37 out 102 were trying for tickets, which shows me that I clearly live in my happy little echo chamber.
  17. But Fleetwood Mac are still a touring band (sorry to be a dream crusher).
  18. My first was 2014, it was just me and one mate, I haven’t shut up about it since. This year my group was 45 people. I really need to learn to shut my mouth.
  19. I agree that if it’s Taylor it makes sense to be a later announcement, but could they announce Fleetwood Mac with the book? We’re celebrating our 50th anniversary with a book and coincidentally we’ve also got one of the biggest bands on the planet who also recently celebrated a 50th anniversary to headline ...
  20. Maybe because of Foo Fighters dropping out and re sparking the debate
  21. I was also at Wembley and the comment about the muddy field came in the context of him talking about the amount of places they previously have played, I definitely took it as past tense.
  22. Yes, a single safari page open on 4g
  23. Got 27 out 45, not great but I’m one of he successful ones so to happy to complain!
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