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  1. Saw you front and centre at Hobo Jones on Friday morn, then at Crowded House and then again at Self Esteem. Always from a distance but it was fun playing ‘spot the hat’ over the course of the weekend!

  2. 6 hours ago, pilton digger said:

    Just spoke to No Bones Jones as he was driving to site. He will be by Yeoman's bridge.

    These have been a daily staple for me the last 2 festivals, is this there usual spot? Not aware of Yeomans bridge? Thanks

  3. 9 hours ago, BambooShanks said:

    That is exactly what happened.  Started queuing at 7-8, didn't get in until the afternoon.  Just what we needed after travelling for 12 hours!


    This year we have learned from our mistakes and will be getting the coach to avoid such queue shenanigans! 

    Good decision I reckon, I have mates that all have different approaches, but the most consistent and effective way to get in across the years has always been the coach!

  4. 48 minutes ago, Dazmandingo96 said:

    Sorted all my ale and picked up all my after hours entertainment. Picked up mrs engagement ring ready to pop the question at the ribbon tower.


    got a dads and lads golf tournament tomorrow so get my drinking practice in then packing and ready to depart Tuesday!

    Good luck, I’m sure it will go brilliant!

  5. I’ve always taken the coach, every year I arrive at gate A roughly around 7am, the queue usually starts moving around 7:30am and I’m usually in and set up by 10/10:30 am. I do recall seeing a second queue in 2019 that wasn’t moving, I assume it was the car park queue though and the coach queue was being prioritised.

  6. 15 minutes ago, Obiginnaw said:

    do you also always give that cheeky smile in the portaloo mirror as you walk out of it at this point? because that's my lowkey highlight of a festival on the first day 😂

    Can’t say I’ve encountered may portaloo’s at Glastonbury, I think I know what you mean though! 

  7. I’ll be quite drunk by now, will have pitched the tent and got ‘distracted’ at the Cider bus on the way to find lunch. Usually stand up to go to the loo and realise from my spinning head I’ve had four pints of festival cider on an empty stomach! 

  8. 10 minutes ago, CantWaitForGlasto22 said:

    I’m pleased no one has mentioned Crowded House on this chat. If it’s just the band playing and me dancing and singing along I’ll be happy 😂

    Can’t wait for them, I’m a fan but not enough of a fan to part with the money to see them on tour!

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  9. Can’t wait to see him on Saturday supporting the Killers, still a definite must see for me at Glastonbury though as I think a Pyramid stage set will be very special.

  10. Just popped into Tesco for a meal deal and came away with four cans of the MOTH espresso martini and 4 for 3 felt like a good deal. Also picked up some Hobgoblin Ruby as I think this will still be nice slightly warm in a field. Almost there with the booze supplies now.

  11. 14 hours ago, Acid Loafers said:

    Any suggestions for red box wine?

    I saw some called McGuigan Estate, 225cl for £14.75 at Sainsburys. Looked decent, probably will go with that tbh. 

    Always find the difficult bit with Box wine, is that I'd have to buy a box just to taste/test it 😅

    I’ve not tried that wine and peoples taste in red wine differs greatly, but I quite like the Primitivo that Lidl sell in cans. Whilst it won’t be winning any awards I think it’s very drinkable and so I’ve picked up some cans for Glastonbury. As it’s in can form it’s easy enough to just get one to sample before bulk buying.

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