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  1. We're in E18 pretty much right at the front, sandy brown VW camper if anyone fancies a San Miguel
  2. Not as many around as last year. Woman at the gate said they were aiming for 8am open but they cant open the gates until it stops raining.
  3. Anyone else parked up and waiting? We can keep this updated for when the gate opens.
  4. Absolutely pissing it down at the moment
  5. I know it's been dismissed but black keys are on radio x 9pm Monday to talk about their album and a surprise festival set they're doing.
  6. That could mean absolutely anything. I just want the weather in picture format, Rain or a sun
  7. Where are you all getting these weather reports from and what is this 06z, 12z? It's like a different language in here.
  8. Never gonna happen. She can't perform like she used to by her own admission and she doesn't want to give less than 100%
  9. Starting to think he might have bought the wrong car parking ticket.
  10. Good question. It's what their car park ticket says though.
  11. Friends of ours have tickets for worthy view car park and are going to be camping with us in the east campervan field. Does anyone know what the walk is like between the 2 or what the easiest way of doing it would be?
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