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  1. utwothefly

    2020 headliners

    A lot of love for the strokes here, saw them way back and they are the worst band I’ve ever seen live. Like most of you I’ve seen over 200 bands and artists and they were really disappointing. Anyway I’d give them a second go...
  2. I reckon... Snow Patrol, Catfish, Stereophonics and Outsiders... Peppers, Green Day, Bon Jovi which id like! ————— but would really like... RATM, U2, Supergrass, Black Crowes
  3. Some of the bands mentioned to headline.. Stereophonics, Snow Patrol, Lewis Capaldi, Libertines, Catfish etc... are really off putting, not that I don’t like them just seems dull and uninspiring. It was only 2017 they had DM and the Killers there. Seems like people are suggesting they are going for small arena acts and not big stadium bands anymore.
  4. utwothefly

    Macca vs. RATM

    Their FB page seems to suggest a tour next year ?
  5. utwothefly

    Macca vs. RATM

    There’s a new RATM post on FB
  6. utwothefly

    2020 headliners

    Can’t see RATM playing at Glastonbury unfortunately but I’ll be catching them in Europe somewhere when they come over ?. Nothing to do with headlining, but what’s the info on Inhaler as they are now TBC on here?. Surely Snow Patrol are certs for a place after last year ?
  7. utwothefly


    So the Vaccines open the festival on the Friday. Friday looks weak for me apart from that and Snow Patrol, not sure where else I’ll be that day.
  8. Anyway most here are guessing or on a wind up lol
  9. Just the radio thingy on the Friday makes sense. The night before there’s normally a bit more going round than a ten tonnes post about nothing
  10. utwothefly

    2019 Headliners

    The Strokes are being mentioned again, suit the other stage for Friday night if not Tame Impala. I don’t see them as top at the pyramid. Seen them once and they were one of the worst bands I’ve ever seen
  11. utwothefly

    2019 Headliners

    I feel the same. It maybe not be the exciting band for many but they got a load of great songs to play all night
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