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  1. I was gonna reply to this but it has to be a troll.. Noone can be this stupid.
  2. I have no idea who the hell Billie elish is.... When I saw someone post the word Billie I thourght you meant Billie piper which would be just a little fucked up ???
  3. Got lucky via my mobiles 4g connection (virgin mobile) laptop on super fast WiFi (virgin top tier) didn't have a sniff just got the page as if the websites crashed out. I did notice once on the payment screen there was a little countdown timer of 5 minutes saying these tickets are being held for...... Etc so don't understand how if peoples tickets were being held when they got through to enter card details they were still all gone when they entered their details as some are saying (if the timer hadn't reached zero and released them I mean) as according to the page they would have had tickets held for that booking?
  4. ive lost almost 3 stone since last may gone from 14 stone and very unfit to 11.5 and aiming to get to 11 as thats my target however im also building strength so dont know how thatll work out as muscle heavier then fat anyway i may actually end up gaining some more weight lol. Was doing really well up to about December time but then winter hit and killed my mojo a bit, im only now picking stuff back up again after a couple months with barely a run and sporadic gym sessions, feeling good last couple of weeks though which is much needed, 2 things ive learnt.....I dont want to go back to how I was and I need fitness now to feel good, its no coincidence ive been a bit down again when I havnt been working out so much.....hoping to be stronger and fitter by glasto time, got a half marathon to run in may so will be training hard for that the couple months before (shit thats next month onwards! :P) so hopefully will be keeping it going. Just got to fix my diet now as thats gone to shit over winter as well ?
  5. Haha same as ever then...that's all part of the fun though...still hedging my bets for slayer on the park ???
  6. So late to the party this year ....got a shedload of rumour mongering to catch up on it appears......liking the cure rumour....how solid is that?
  7. I approve of this thread.....bring on the mosh
  8. if accuweather is right then Wednesday here in cornwall its gonna feel like -4 during the day and -13 Wednesday night (with the windchill) also we`re predicted an inch of snow on Wednesday and thats where I live which is a normally warmer then most, low lying area-we never get snow, literally everytime theres snow in the country it always misses us due to being low lying and right next to the sea it only usually hits the moors down this way but this time their predicting it for even this area so thats saying something (think the moors are hitting a low of -16 overnight in the wind and 1.8 inches of snow) Not looking forward to the cold though I hope we get the snow and it settles due to the cold, my 2 girls have never seen snow other then a few flakes in the air a couple of times that never settled so if we get a load on the ground damn right their staying off school that day to go make snowmen! anyway hope everyones well, this next year is going to be wierd, after 5 summers in a row looking forward to glastonbury this is my first fallow year, time to find something else to do in june I reckon!
  9. Its a shame there is no glastonbury this year because judging from this annoucement slayer are down to play random festivals where they dont seem to fit on the lineup this year.......what a difference that is between headliner and the rest...the stormzy, gucci mane fans are going to shit themselves haha! but more importantly that means euro tour dates must be in the works soon! bring it on!
  10. some doom/stoner rock would go down well I reckon, orange goblin, crowbar, corrosion of conformity,, monster magnet, nebula, candlemass, saint vitus, etc etc something with a lot of groove.
  11. oh fucks sake, look mate I really dont care, I was just making the point (that several others have made as well btw) that it would be nice if not `all` the se corner was focused around electronic music at night.
  12. I wont lie though it was a good feeling when I was waiting around for napalm death and seeing the crowd just totally change as they were near coming on to what id expect to see at somewhere like download rather then Glastonbury.......it was like `yeah....these people get it! , they know whats about to happen` im not going to have to worry about `offending` the totally unaware of the music person next to me when I go apeshit the moment the first riff kicks in. It was like a sea of metal fans came out of nowhere, the contrast with the crowd for the act before the new york brass band was quite amusing
  13. Cant tell if your actually being serious, theres a shit tonne of venues down in the se corner etc, why do they ALL have to play the same kind of tunes? noones trying to take your precious d&b away itd just be nice to have a few venues playing an alternative, are only electronic music fans allowed to have a nightlife?
  14. Theyve annouced the lineup for the north american leg(below). pretty stellar id be happy with that lot if it came to europe!
  15. Its either a band name.....or boris johnsons pornhub search history
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